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Clothing hack for 18″ dolls

Have a young daughter? Does she have an American Girl doll? Have you looked through their catalog at the clothing prices and choked? Yeah, me too. I don’t spend that much on clothing for me, let alone a doll that’s only 18″ tall and uses a fraction of the fabric. That means Lexi is limited […]

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Patterns, revisited

I’m getting back at it by revisiting some old designs. First up on my to-do list is No Capes! No Capes! was originally published in Petite Purls, which is no longer online. As the rights have returned to me, I’ve decided this is a good time to fix a few things with the original design […]

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Letting go

Once upon a time, Lexie had a best friend. His name was Bunny. If Bunny looks a bit well-loved in that picture, it’s because he was. No number of trips through the washing machine would make him look clean again, there were various spots of rough stitching due to surgery by Mom, and his stuffing […]

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The curse of the wee

Baby sweaters are awesome. Really, they are. In about a tenth of the time it would take to knit me a sweater (ok, that’s a generous estimate), I can have a finished project. Plus, baby sweaters get a lot more “ooooohs” and “aaaaaahs” than a sweater for me has ever gotten. So when friends announced […]

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Torpedoes and yarn chicken

I recently knit myself a top. I’ve knit myself sweaters before, but this was my first top. I’m extremely proud of it, especially because I added short rows to accommodate my huge tracts of land for the first time, and they came out pretty well. I also made some other modifications, including adding the lace […]

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