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The curse of the wee

Baby sweaters are awesome. Really, they are. In about a tenth of the time it would take to knit me a sweater (ok, that’s a generous estimate), I can have a finished project. Plus, baby sweaters get a lot more “ooooohs” and “aaaaaahs” than a sweater for me has ever gotten. So when friends announced […]

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Torpedoes and yarn chicken

I recently knit myself a top. I’ve knit myself sweaters before, but this was my first top. I’m extremely proud of it, especially because I added short rows to accommodate my huge tracts of land for the first time, and they came out pretty well. I also made some other modifications, including adding the lace […]

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Much loved knitting

Three years ago, I knit Lexie a washcloth. It was love at first sight…for her. Her brother, who at that time really wasn’t interested in my knitting for him, immediately gave me sad eyes and asked where his washcloth was. Uh…I’m working on it, buddy! I quickly sat down and whipped up another one – […]

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Remembering your first

Jeffrey has a baby book that I got him and put together when he was about 8 months old – it’s part “first book to read” and part “me as a baby,” with slots where I can put pictures in of him: with a favorite toy, in his stroller, having his first bath, etc. He’s […]

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Camp memories

I want to linger A little longer A little longer here with you It’s such a perfect night It doesn’t seem quite right That this should be my last with you Come September I will remember Our camping days and friendships true And as the years go by I’ll think of you and sigh This […]

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