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Mossy Bells

This was the yarn that told me rather emphatically what it wanted to be. “I want to be a cardigan.” No problem. “I want to have cute details.” You got it. “I want to be knit in 2 different directions and be done bottom up, but still seamlessly.” …Uh, what? Well, if you’re wondering if […]

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Freckles & Ruffles

I loved my freckles when I was a kid. They’re still there on my arms, but when I was younger, I had a swath of them across my nose and cheeks. You had to look closely to see them in the winter, but they popped right out under the summer sun. I miss them now […]

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Exciting happenings…

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster at Magpie Knitter Designs recently, but things are most definitely hitting a high right now! Let’s start with the handdyed yarn I picked up at Knot Just Yarn during day 3 of the LYS Tour this year – the Eweneek Boo-Yah! in Moss: The color attracted me […]

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Bunny’s Sweater Dress Raincoat Hoodie

I have a previously published pattern that needs reworked. I have another one that I want to expand. I have several samples I need to knit for both of them, as well as for a third pattern. I have two designs I’m working on with an external deadline. I have a handful of design calls […]

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Swatches, swatches everywhere

Swatchin’, swatchin’, swatchin’, Get those needles swatchin’, While swatches are a-blockin’, Design! That’s been my weekend…which really, isn’t a bad weekend to have. In this case I’m not working on a new design, but on the rework of Little Miss Mopsey. I’ve got several yarns that I was interested in trying out, and I wanted […]

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