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The curse of the wee

Baby sweaters are awesome. Really, they are. In about a tenth of the time it would take to knit me a sweater (ok, that’s a generous estimate), I can have a finished project. Plus, baby sweaters get a lot more “ooooohs” and “aaaaaahs” than a sweater for me has ever gotten. So when friends announced […]

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Camp memories

I want to linger A little longer A little longer here with you It’s such a perfect night It doesn’t seem quite right That this should be my last with you Come September I will remember Our camping days and friendships true And as the years go by I’ll think of you and sigh This […]

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Camp Loopy, Project Two – Week 1

6/27, 12:30am – Cast on! Well, for the swatch, anyway; I lost track of the start date and didn’t get my swatching done in advance. Oops. 6/27, 12:44pm – After an abbreviated night’s sleep while my swatch dried, it was time to cast on for real! Fortunately, my first needle size choice worked, so I […]

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Ravellenic warm up – stretching

The uninitiated might look at the Ravellenic Games and think, “That looks like a lot of fun!” And they would be right. They might also think – if not a knitter or crocheter themselves – “I can just dive right in when they light the torch!” And they would be wrong. You can’t just pick […]

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Out of the canoe, in with the dragonflies

Before you read on, a promise: there will be no dragonfly pictures in this post. My husband reads my blog, and he’s bug phobic. So you’re safe. No bugs. But I happen to find dragonflies quite beautiful, so I’m happy that I landed in the Dragonfly group for The Loopy Ewe’s Camp Loopy Project Two […]

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