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Love + love + love = hate

There are those projects you just know you’re going to love. The pattern picture made you catch your breath when you saw it. The yarn feels like a newborn kitten and knits like butter. And you know when you hand it over to your sister-in-law, she’s going to cry tears of joy and wear it […]

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Camaraderie and s’mores

I needed both yesterday. My progress went from: To: Ok, so I needed a beer too, when my canoe capsized into the Frog Pond. It was a rough lesson learned – before starting a pattern, take advantage of Ravelry’s wonderful interconnected databases, and check out the linked projects. Granted, for Abalone, that’s a lot of […]

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Gone campin’

I used to be a Girl Scout, and went camping every summer. I did most of my camping at Camp Echo Trail in Pennsylvania, although one year I went to another camp that offered sailing. I don’t remember most of the specific programs I did, although I know that I did the Camp Echo Trail […]

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When gauge hates you and the feeling is mutual

I’m going to share a dirty little secret of mine with you: I don’t mind knitting gauge squares. No, really. I don’t. I have never resented the time it takes to knit a gauge square. Sure it may take an hour or so to knit and block (yes! I wash and block them) a gauge […]

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Knitting the Sky

I don’t have a lot of time these days to work on personal projects, but I’ve started one that I just couldn’t pass up: a sky scarf, a conceptual knitting project from Lea Redmond. It’s a beautiful concept with such a simple execution: start with yarn in a variety of shades of gray and blue. […]

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