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My color journey

I have a secret. My design aesthetic tends towards quick knits, with simple details that add a lot of punch and sometimes look more difficult and involved than they actually are, like the change of direction in Mossy Bells or the colorwork in Freckles & Ruffles. That’s not the secret, obviously. The secret is that […]

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A new design collaboration…

…with my son. He of the scary shark t-shirt. It all started with a recent weekend trip to Mt. Rainier to do a bit of hiking. This is something Steve’s been dying to do since we moved out here, but which was hard to do when he’s been deployed pretty much since we moved out […]

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When Mommy’s supposed to be working

My kids think I can make just about anything with yarn. Don’t raise the subject around Jeffrey unless you want to hear all about my total mastery with knitting needles – he will be happy to inform you. Lexie will frequently ask me to make a little this or a small that, full of childish […]

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One of my more unusual inspirations

One of the accounts I follow on Twitter is Earth Pics. Most of their pictures are vibrant landscapes or cityscapes, and I like all the eye candy. Occasionally they’ll retweet other picture-based accounts, or post pictures of animals, and I’ve enjoyed them all…but none have affected me (on a design level) as much as… (don’t […]

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Sometimes, you have a picture in your head of exactly what you want a knit item to look like…and to your delight, the swatch matches your mental picture. Sometimes, what comes off the needles isn’t anything close to what you pictured, and design “progress” is measured in negative numbers. Sometimes, progress is continuous and rapid. […]

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