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Remembering your first

Jeffrey has a baby book that I got him and put together when he was about 8 months old – it’s part “first book to read” and part “me as a baby,” with slots where I can put pictures in of him: with a favorite toy, in his stroller, having his first bath, etc. He’s […]

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When Mommy’s supposed to be working

My kids think I can make just about anything with yarn. Don’t raise the subject around Jeffrey unless you want to hear all about my total mastery with knitting needles – he will be happy to inform you. Lexie will frequently ask me to make a little this or a small that, full of childish […]

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Finding comfort in crochet

It’s been a rough couple of days here. On Friday, I had to make the tough decision to put our 12-year-old calico girl, Miri, to sleep. The vet discovered lymphoma that had developed and spread very quickly, and she had crashed hard. Treatment was highly unlikely to help and more likely to hurt, and just […]

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Kindred Spirits

I’ve been bitten by the crochet bug recently, design name notwithstanding. Meanwhile, Lexie’s developed a sudden interest in an item I knit her a couple years ago (not one of my own designs), which has inspired me to design something similar in crochet (it’ll be my first crochet pattern). I happened to have a skein […]

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My other family tradition

I’ve talked before about how hand crafting is part of my family tradition; those family members who made beautiful things with their hands are a large part of what inspired me to do the same. But on Veterans’ Day, I’m more proud of another family tradition: a tradition of military service. My grandfather (my mother’s […]

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