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Letting go

Once upon a time, Lexie had a best friend. His name was Bunny. If Bunny looks a bit well-loved in that picture, it’s because he was. No number of trips through the washing machine would make him look clean again, there were various spots of rough stitching due to surgery by Mom, and his stuffing […]

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Much loved knitting

Three years ago, I knit Lexie a washcloth. It was love at first sight…for her. Her brother, who at that time really wasn’t interested in my knitting for him, immediately gave me sad eyes and asked where his washcloth was. Uh…I’m working on it, buddy! I quickly sat down and whipped up another one – […]

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Being enough

When the letter came home from the kids’ school, I automatically handed it over to my husband. “Career Day is coming up, if you wanted to volunteer.” “Sure,” he said. “Are you going to?” The question caught me off guard. Me? Uh…did I really qualify as enough of a designer to talk to someone about […]

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Remembering your first

Jeffrey has a baby book that I got him and put together when he was about 8 months old – it’s part “first book to read” and part “me as a baby,” with slots where I can put pictures in of him: with a favorite toy, in his stroller, having his first bath, etc. He’s […]

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When Mommy’s supposed to be working

My kids think I can make just about anything with yarn. Don’t raise the subject around Jeffrey unless you want to hear all about my total mastery with knitting needles – he will be happy to inform you. Lexie will frequently ask me to make a little this or a small that, full of childish […]

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