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The Birth of a Design, Part I: The Concept and the Yarn

I mentioned in my very first post that this all started with a call for patterns from Sharon of Three Irish Girls. As soon as I saw the announcement, I knew I wanted to do children’s patterns. I do most of my knitting for kids, either my two or my niece (and now my nephew). […]

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Staring at the ceiling at 2 a.m.

That’s where I found myself the other night…or rather, the other morning. I couldn’t see the ceiling in the dark (except for the glow-in-the-dark stars our landlords inexplicably stuck up there), of course, but that’s okay because in my mind’s eye, I was seeing a knitted skirt. I would have much rather been seeing it […]

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The importance of a sounding board

This post almost retitled “The importance of saving drafts before shutting down the laptop due to thunderstorms”…I’m sure my original version was so much more eloquent… I’ve been struggling with my current design. It looked really great in my head, but in execution…something just wasn’t clicking. I came up with a really cool traveling stitch […]

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One step foward, five steps back

*Knit. Cuss. Frog. Place stitches back on needle. Rep from * until out of patience. Begin drinking. Ah, the design process…

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3 lbs of wooden buttons

Oh yes I did. I love handmade buttons. Yes, it can be a higher investment, but not much more than high-quality mass-produced buttons…and I figure that if I’ve spent money on artisan yarn and my time to lovingly handcraft clothing for family or friends, it’s worth the slightly higher expense. For this, etsy has been […]

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