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On my needles…

…nothing. Absolutely nothing. And this is not the normal state of things for me. I’m a project polygamist normally; I like being able to jump from project to project as the mood moves me. According to my personal Ravelry notebook, I have 13 WIPs, but most of them I haven’t started yet. They’re either projects […]

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A child’s inspiration

The ladies at TAAT Designs recently did an interview with me that is now posted on their blog. Hop on over and check it out! I was asked in the interview about my inspiration and one of the ones I listed was my children…but I don’t limit myself to my children. I’ve been spending the […]

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TAAT Designs

Remember how I commented in my first post that the wait to see if my design proposals had been accepted by Three Irish Girls was made easier by having friends to share it with? Well, four of those friends have teamed up to form TAAT Designs. In knitting “TAAT” stands for two-at-a-time, but here it […]

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The Birth of a Design, Part III: To Swatch, Perchance to Knit

Read Part I here. Read Part II here. Ok, so small, all over stitch pattern with a lot of texture and an even number stitch repeat required. On my first go-through of the Barbara Walker treasuries, I looked just for all over patterns with a lot of texture. Granted, they didn’t meet all of my […]

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My yarn is holding me hostage – send help!

I really should be in bed. It’s 11:20pm (or 2320, as my husband and I usually say; old habits die hard for this Sailor). I haven’t had a good night’s sleep for 2 nights because my daughter’s been sick–between the itchy rash and the high fever, she’s been miserable at night and the best solution […]

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