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That was the stress of the last month or so draining out of me, if you were wondering. Two days ago, my last design sample finished blocking, so I was able to take the pictures of it on Lexie (and no, I can’t share those either, sorry!) and then pack up all three samples and […]

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So…what now?

I just wove in the last end on my last design sample. I spent a few minutes just admiring it (even though it needs to be blocked, it’s still cute), and then I handed it to my husband for his admiration. He really likes both the design and the colors in this sample, and I […]

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Shawl Design with Kirsten Kapur

When the email came out from Fibre Space a few months ago with the list of upcoming classes, “Shawl Design with Kirsten Kapur” was the first one my eye lit on. I love shawls. You wouldn’t know it, looking at my project page–sadly devoid of any shawls, although I have knit a shawlette–Mary-Heather Cogar’s Simple […]

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The awesome photo shoot I can’t post any pictures from

One of the best parts of designing children’s knitwear patterns is that I have 2 available models (I’ve tried to convince Steve that I really need a baby model, so how about one more?…with zero success). They’re not always the most willing models, but part of being a mom/photographer is finding the proper motivation. Today, […]

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When am I a “real” designer?

Recently, I’ve had reason to ponder this question. I mean, yes, I design things and therefore I am a designer in that sense…but when I’m staring at those forms were I have to fill in my profession, at what point do I stop putting in “homemaker” or “stay-at-home mom” (as appropriate) and start writing, “designer.” […]

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