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If there were 2 of me…

I spent much of today cleaning. The house was a bit of a disaster when we got home from our Thanksgiving travel yesterday–partly because we’d left mid-day on Wednesday, and the kids and I clean up after ourselves right before bed; and partly because when I thought about putting away everything we lugged in from […]

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Like a diamond in the sky

Notice anything different? Like the new blog header? When I first started the blog, I wanted a header that showed off my designs…but I didn’t really have any to show off that would make a pretty header. Well, with the release of my first two designs published by someone else, that’s changed. Introducing Diamond in […]

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The inspiration of fall

There’s an absolutely glorious tree just a few houses down from us. I love fall. Actually, there’s something I love about all the seasons–they all have something special. The lack of seasons (or what I recognized as seasons) in south Texas was one of the things I disliked the most. Granted, it was nice to […]

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A daily dose of…hair?

I’m wearing my “daily dose of fiber” Ravelry t-shirt today, and when I went to wake my son Jeffrey up he wanted to know what the shirt said. So we worked on reading it together (he gets such a kick out of being able to read) and then he asked what it meant. I explained […]

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