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Putting the needles down

Temporarily, that is. My sample for the Design Which I Can’t Talk About is done. I blocked it last night, and it was dry enough by this afternoon for a photo shoot. I wanted to block it to make sure no more fixing was needed, and it was perfect…which is good, because my right hand […]

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I can’t tell you what I’m REALLY working on right now

I hate that. I really want to be able to tell you how much fun I’m having knitting REDACTED, and how much I love it, and how much REDACTED loves it. And that I’m really loving how the REDACTED turned out, especially since I was knitting REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED for the very first time, […]

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I’ve created a monster

When knitting friends learned that I’m beginning to teach Jeffrey to knit, they issued all sorts of dire warnings about guarding my stash. I wasn’t terribly worried; his favorite color is brown, and that doesn’t have much of a starring role in my stash. Turns out the stash is the least of my worries. Jeffrey […]

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For children, there are the expected milestones. First tooth. First steps. First words. First trip to the Naval Academy (well, maybe just in this family). First best friend. First bike with training wheels. First day of school. First knitting needles. Yep, first knitting needles. Jeffrey has had some on-and-off interest in learning how to knit, […]

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So much fun, it should be illegal

I spent much of today hanging out with some knitting buddies–old and new–shopping for surprise yarn. I spent much of today sitting in my recliner with my laptop. And both of those statements are true. Sharon of Three Irish Girls has been doing some end of the year clean up of her studio…which apparently involves […]

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