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What I’ve been up to

I mentioned in my last post that I’m working on a pattern I’ll be self-publishing; I’ve got some down time between submitting the final pattern being published somewhere in the spring and starting a new pattern that will be published in the summer. Don’t get me wrong–it’s really nice to be busy and to have […]

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This is why I can’t be let out by myself…to a yarn store

One of the best things about the Three Irish Girls group on Ravelry is that we’ve got an “Enablers” thread, specifically for vendors who carry 3IG to post about their stock and sales and for shoppers to post what they’re looking for. One of the worst things about the group is that we’ve got an […]

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The benefit of organization

Steve’s been after me for quite a while now to work with him on organizing the basement. The basement in our rental is partially finished, and in addition to the finished room there’s a large laundry room and 2 storage rooms. The finished room is our combo office/craft room/video game room (it’s more than big […]

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It’s not my fault

I swear, it’s not. I am perfectly capable of stash enhancement all on my own without any encouragement…but when I get enabled…bad, bad things happen. Oh, who am I kidding. Wonderful things happen. Just not to my bank account. Anyone who knits regularly with Peaches & Cream yarn most likely already knows that Pisgah Yarn […]

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Photography is FUNdamental

My Canon and I had some fun today. (Note: I’m going to descend a bit into photographer-geek speak here. I promise I’ll link everything…and most links will be to Digital Photography School, which is a terrific website full of tutorials and posts. If you’re doing any digital photography, I highly recommend it.) I needed to […]

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