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Magpies aren’t exactly known for being quiet…

…but this one is going to be, for a few weeks. The Magpie Knitter is going on a short hiatus while the family moves cross-country. The moving truck with most of our wordly goods left Virginia today, in fact, bound for the Olympic Peninsula. We’ve got a few days of getting the house ready to […]

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The hazards of cleaning out

The movers come next week to start packing for our move to Washington state. And every time we prep for a move–this will be our 8th in 15 years of marriage–we try to clean out all the stuff we haven’t used for the last 2 years on the grounds of “If we haven’t used it […]

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Now, about that yarn…

Three Irish Girls is introducing 4 new non-wool blends in their line-up: a bamboo/cotton worsted, a cotton/rayon sport, a bamboo/cotton fingering, and a 100% silk lace. The only one I didn’t purchase was the lace; it was gorgeous and I loved the colors, but I don’t do a lot with lace weight yarn. Silk looks […]

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Talk to me, yarn; I’m listening

Steve doesn’t believe that yarn talks to me. When I first tried to explain this to him, he laughed. Then he just rolled his eyes. Now he quietly does internet searches for knitting friendly straight jackets. (Fortunately for me, he hasn’t found any yet.) But it does talk to me; I know I’m not the […]

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My love affair with Crayola…or, Pleasing my inner 6-year-old

My mom, my sister-in-law, and I were chatting on webcam last month, planning our week-long family vacation. We were talking about the various attractions in the area, and one of them mentioned, “Oh, and the Crayola Factory is nearby.” They had me at Crayola. My magpie tendencies aren’t triggered by shiny objects, but by colorful […]

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