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Anatomy of a big box

I was sitting quietly in the office, minding my own business, when a loud thump! from the porch startled me. I looked up–the porch is right outside my window–and saw the mailman heading back down the stairs. “A package big enough to thump?” I said to myself. “It must be something good!” I headed outside and […]

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Prior proper planning for Madrona

I haven’t been working on designing as much as I wanted to recently–first there was the cross-country move, then unpacking, then making our new house a home, and then preparing for Steve’s deployment. But now that we’re mostly settled and unpacked (what isn’t done is in the basement and not urgent) and Steve has left, […]

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Madrona 2012 – you in?

I am! And I. Am. Psyched. The Madrona Fiber Arts retreat will be my first west coast fiber festival. I’ve been to Rhinebeck once and Maryland Sheep & Wool twice, but nothing off the east coast. And although one of my favorite parts of fiber festivals is buying the yarn (Exhibit A), another one is […]

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Knitting ho, ye landlubbers!

I haven’t been talking about knitting enough. How do I know this? Well, I recently joined Klout out of curiosity–I kept seeing people mention it in my Twitter feed and had no idea what it was–and apparently this is a site that measures how influential you are in social media, with whom, and on what. […]

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Have you seen this bag?

Copyright The Sanguine Gryphon, 2011 Beautiful, isn’t it? If you’ve been to a fiber festival recently where The Sanguine Gryphon had a booth, and you stopped by, your eye may well have been caught by this bag. It is the sample of one of their Spring 2011 designs, Fulfillment. It was designed by a friend […]

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