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When gauge hates you and the feeling is mutual

I’m going to share a dirty little secret of mine with you: I don’t mind knitting gauge squares. No, really. I don’t. I have never resented the time it takes to knit a gauge square. Sure it may take an hour or so to knit and block (yes! I wash and block them) a gauge […]

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I’m sorry, Type A – you’re not on the guest list

I tend to have trouble starting designs. Really, it’s the swatches I have trouble starting, but since I need to swatch before I can sketch (I need to see how my mental vision translates to yarn) or before I write up (I also need to make sure all my plans are feasible) not being able to […]

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Grande Prairie Hats winner!

Who says you can never win with the first entry? Veronica says: Nice write up! Trisha is truly talented. I love them all, but I think Bregdan is my favorite. Congratulations, Veronica! I’ll double check to make sure Bregdan is still your choice and send it out to you today. And thanks to all of you who […]

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Grande Prairie Hats

I love hats. Growing up, I wore hats all the time, although it was usually a ball cap. Now that I can knit, however, I enjoy making myself all sorts of hats. One might look at that collection and think I have enough. And one would be wrong. For one, I no longer own all […]

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Swatches, swatches everywhere

Swatchin’, swatchin’, swatchin’, Get those needles swatchin’, While swatches are a-blockin’, Design! That’s been my weekend…which really, isn’t a bad weekend to have. In this case I’m not working on a new design, but on the rework of Little Miss Mopsey. I’ve got several yarns that I was interested in trying out, and I wanted […]

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