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There’s a peacock inside every magpie

A question and answer session with myself. Q: “There’s a peacock inside every magpie?” What the heck does that mean? A: Stick with me here. What are magpies known for? Their obsession with collecting shiny stuff, right? But why? Why do they need to have all the pretty things? Clearly, it’s to make up for a perceived […]

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The Great Mini-Skein Split of 2011-2012

14 colorways. 2 skeins per colorway. 10 participants. 3 different mini-skein size put-ups. Whew. Three Irish Girls was retiring 14 of their colorways, and as it turned out, they were all colorways I hadn’t tried. I was wondering how I could possibly get my hands on all of them without breaking the bank, and then […]

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You were meant to be mine, baby…

Sharon of Three Irish Girls has recently been doing a tour of stores that sell her yarns, featuring the exclusive colorways she’s created for each store. Naturally, I’ve been enjoying looking at all of the pretties…and then one update stopped me in my tracks. A peacock colorway. Peacock. And Sharon didn’t tell me? Ok, let’s […]

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