The inspiration of fall

There’s an absolutely glorious tree just a few houses down from us.

fall colors (1)

I love fall. Actually, there’s something I love about all the seasons–they all have something special. The lack of seasons (or what I recognized as seasons) in south Texas was one of the things I disliked the most. Granted, it was nice to be able to walk around our neighborhood late at night to see our neighbors’ Christmas lights wearing shorts and t-shirts…but I really missed the seasons I grew up with in Pennsylvania.

I can’t pick one favorite season, but my two favorites are spring and fall. I love spring because everything is coming back to life; I love fall for the colors.

fall colors (4)

This was something else we didn’t have in south Texas. Most of the trees were palm trees, and most of the rest were more bushes with superiority complexes. And we didn’t get the temperature changes we need to change the colors of the leaves; the ones that did drop just went from green to brown and fell.

But the tree down the street–it’s just perfect. There are some leaves that are still green:

fall colors (2)

There are some that are solid red and others that are solid yellow:

fall colors (3)

fall colors (9)

fall colors (6)

And then there are some that are beautiful blends that read as orange from a distance but look like red and yellow fractals close up:

fall colors (5)

fall colors (7)

And some are mixes of green and yellow, or even shade all the way from green through yellow to red:

fall colors (8)

Every time I see that tree, it makes me smile with unadulterated happiness. If only I could capture those colors, like say on a yarn…

3IG Springvale Super Merino Whistle While You Work (3)

Well, what do you know? I actually bought that Three Irish Girls Carpe Yarnem colorway, called “Whistle While You Work,” before the leaves on the nearby tree started changing, so I had no idea what a perfect match they would be. So while I don’t know what I’ll be doing with that yarn, it will have to be something I can keep so after we move…since the Navy will be moving us before the next fall comes. Then I’ll always have the spirit of that gorgeous tree with me.

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One Response to The inspiration of fall

  1. RiA says:

    That yarn will be a perfect remembrance of that tree!