If there were 2 of me…

I spent much of today cleaning. The house was a bit of a disaster when we got home from our Thanksgiving travel yesterday–partly because we’d left mid-day on Wednesday, and the kids and I clean up after ourselves right before bed; and partly because when I thought about putting away everything we lugged in from our van (how did we come home with more stuff than we left with?) and watched my husband tiredly start trying to do just that, I blurted out, “Just leave it–I’ll take care of it tomorrow morning.” The long weekend was awesome…but exhausting.

Of course, the entire time I was working, all I could think was that I’d rather be knitting. I don’t have enough time as it is to knit everything I’d like to, especially now that I’m torn between knitting for myself and others and designing. I’d never really thought about how doing one would take away from the other, but I’ve got a beautiful swatch for a design that’s been sitting mournfully beside my chair, that I’m excited about…and that I haven’t done a thing with since I blocked it about a month ago because I had personal projects I needed to finish. And the yarn for my daughter’s hat (to match the one I made for my niece) is piled on the other side of me, but I really had to get a design together for submission; it was due today.

One in a Million Belles with Rose (5)
NOT Lexie’s hat, even though she’s modeling it.

I discussed this recently with my husband, and he patiently listened to me complain about having to choose between designing and knitting personal projects, when I wanted to do them both at the same time. And I remembered Jeffrey’s and Lexie’s favorite cartoon, Phineas and Ferb, where the 2 brothers invented a machine that accidentally split their sister into 2 people, one focused on her boyfriend and one focused on busting her little brothers.

“I wish I had that molecular splitter Phineas and Ferb invented,” I groused. “Then I could have 2 of me: one to design and one to just knit!”

Steve game me a knowing look. “Oh, no,” he answered. “That would just mean you’d be able to shop at fibre space and The Yarn Spot at the same time!”


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One Response to If there were 2 of me…

  1. Rhonnie says:

    OH.MY.GOODNESS! I love it Jen! And you know Steve is right ­čśë

    That hat on Lexie is just TOO doggone adorable!!!!!
    We want pattern!!! ­čśÇ