A very etsy Christmas

Every year, my family exchanges Christmas wish lists. Every year, I’ve struggled to put together a good one. But for 2010, I was ready. I started jotting down ideas months in advance, so I’d have a list that would make both me and the gift givers (who have been known to complain about the lack of variety on my list, which leans towards knitting supplies) happy.

And then my computer hard drive crashed, taking my list with it.

So, I was at a bit of a loss at list time. I came up with a couple things, but I couldn’t think of much. Finally, in desperation, I attached a link to my etsy favorites.

I didn’t have high hopes for that, but I figured it was worth a shot. I know my knitting obsession is a bit incomprehensible to some family members, and some aren’t fans of buying practical items as gifts. Of course, I would submit that none of the items on my list could really be considered just practical, but…

Christmas Eve, my parents, siblings, and our spouses exchanged gifts (Christmas Day is all about the kids). I got gifts from my parents and one of my sisters-in-law (the one with the knitworthy kids), who was my Secret Santa this year. I’ll admit–I was excited that she was my Secret Santa. Nothing against the rest, of course, but she’s as etsy-mad as I am. If anyone understood, she would.

And she did.

Haut Totes Peacock cell phone bag (1)

The first item I opened was a cell phone bag I’d asked for from Haut Totes. I have one of her gorgeous peacock totes, which I use as a knitting bag, and a coordinating zippered pouch for my notions. I wanted the coordinating cell phone bag for more of my notions, and I was thrilled to see it. Even better was when I turned it over:

Haut Totes Peacock cell phone bag (2)

There’s a zippered pouch on the other side! It’ll work so well with my other bags:

Haut Totes peacock bag (1)

Then I opened the other box from her…

Tessa Ann Shabby Chic buttons

Tessa Ann Happy Posies button

Buttons from Tessa Ann! Actually, not all of those buttons weren’t from her; both the Shabby Chic buttons above the Happy Posies buttons below are 2 sets. Not only did my sister-in-law get me buttons from etsy, my mom did too (although she commented doubtfully that, “I wasn’t sure about getting you buttons, but you did ask for them”). She was a bit put out to discover that she and my sis-in-law had gotten me the same sets, but I pointed out that a) there’s no such thing as too many Tessa Ann buttons, and b) now I don’t have to choose whether those buttons go on something for my niece or something for my daughter–I have enough for both!

And my mom got me an additional set of Boy’s Planes and Trains buttons:

Tessa Ann Planes and Trains Boy buttons

I don’t know what I’m knitting for these buttons, but I do know the colorway. These buttons are a perfect match for Three Irish Girls Tierney (you can’t tell it as well on the Galenas Merino pictured on the site, but check out my Springvale Super Merino):

3IG Springvale Super Merino Tierney

There was even more of a surprise waiting for me at home, which is where we’d left the presents from Steve’s side of the family. From Steve’s sister, I got these Girl’s Planes and Trains buttons and Sail Away buttons:

Tessa Ann Planes and Trains Girl buttons

Tessa Ann Sail Away buttons

I’m pretty sure the bottom set of buttons is going to go with this yarn, somehow:

Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Cotton Red, Blue and Cream

Clearly, I underestimated my family. A very merry, and etsy, Christmas indeed.

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4 Responses to A very etsy Christmas

  1. Bobbie says:

    That is great! You gotta love it when you have to “Make It Work” and it does!

  2. guinevere says:

    jealous (1)

  3. guinevere says:

    Sorry, there was meant to be a ” ­čśë ” there!

    Ok, I just placed my own order from Haut Totes! One for my eldest’s b-day, one for me….Thanks for enabling sharing – these are lovely. I <3 etsy!

  4. Jen says:

    I adore etsy! (And enabling. ­čśë )