I can’t tell you what I’m REALLY working on right now

I hate that. I really want to be able to tell you how much fun I’m having knitting REDACTED, and how much I love it, and how much REDACTED loves it. And that I’m really loving how the REDACTED turned out, especially since I was knitting REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED for the very first time, and REDACTED turned out awesome.

I suck at secrecy.

But that’ll have to wait a few months, unfortunately. In the meantime, I’m working on something else. I started it before I started knitting REDACTED, which has been convenient because I need a “social knitting” project. I go to a weekly knitting night (I’m a member of the Knitterati of Virginia) and I need some non-secret knitting to work on. And occasionally, the design stuff can get a bit intense and it’s nice to be able to put it down and pick up something with less thought behind it.

Right now, that’s my All the Colors of the Rainbow…and Brown.

All the Colors of the Rainbow and Brown (1)

It’s a Twisted Diagonals Jacket for Jeffrey, that I’m knitting in the recommended Lindon Merino. The colorway is called Cornucopia, which was one of the recent club colorways (club colorways are available only to club members, but if you join any of the clubs at any time, you get access to all of the previous colorways). The instant I saw the colorway preview, I knew it was the perfect yarn both for this pattern and for Jeffrey–who, whenever I asked him what color he wanted me to knit him something in, would tell me, “All the rainbow colors, Mommy.”

Of course, 5-year-old boys can be as fickle as any teenage girl, so by the time I got started with knitting the project, Jeffrey’s new favorite color is…brown. And wouldn’t you know it, the semi-solid option the month Coruncopia came out was a beautiful brown. But that’s not what I got, because at the time, my son loved rainbow colors.

What saved me is the fact that Cornucopia has brown in it, instead of purple (which is why the coordinating semi-solid that month was brown). So, when Jeffrey was less than enthused at my description of the yarn as “All the colors of the rainbow,” I quickly added, “…and brown.” He perked right up at that and has decided he loved the yarn and what I’ve knit so far.

That’s a relief, especially since I love it too. I think the pattern is just awesome with this yarn:

All the Colors of the Rainbow and Brown (2)

I’ve also already found the perfect buttons.

I’d been worrying about that, because the vibrant and varied colors in the yarn would have meant it would have been hard to match any of them. And I wanted buttons that didn’t blend in and disappear…but they would also still need to be able to play a supporting role or they’d compete with the yarn. Neither glass, nor wood, nor pewter seemed right. And then one of the ladies in the Ravelry Three Irish Girls group posted about some buttons she’d found on etsy. I didn’t recognize the name of the store, The Trim Buyer…and since I’ve got a reputation as a button expert to maintain, I had to check it out. And I found these:

The Trim Buyer Distressed Anchor buttons med

The Sailor in me wouldn’t have been able to resist them, even if I didn’t think they’d be perfect for this project. I love the fouled anchor design and the faded gold coloration to the distressed finish. And when I checked them against my knitting…

All the Colors of the Rainbow and Brown (3)

…yup. Just what I wanted.

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2 Responses to I can’t tell you what I’m REALLY working on right now

  1. ria says:

    As always its the buttons! ;P

  2. Deb Overath says:

    LOVE it! Can’t wait to see more…and am most curious about REDACTED… ­čśë