When superheroes go bowling

It might be hard to tell from my recent posts…but I actually do something with the yarn I buy–and I’ve got 2 designs out to prove it!

Remember REDACTED? Well, introducing No Capes!

No Capes (13) watermark

This design was inspired by my son, who firmly believes he is a real superhero. His aunt even got him a superhero cape for Christmas…which he generally wears from the time he comes home from school until the time he goes to bed (when he takes it off but frequently sleeps with it). But how can he tell the world how super he in those times when a bright yellow cape with a red lightning bolt isn’t appropriate? (Especially when Mom is from the Edna Mode school of superhero wear, hence the name.)

I’d had the idea for this t-shirt design from when I first saw the Bamboo Soft Spell yarn at Yarn Cloud–I knew it would make a good spring/summer top–and then I saw the spring designs call from Petite Purls. I love Petite Purls and have since their inaugural issue, and I wanted very much to be published in their magazine. This design seemed perfect, especially since I’d happened to pick out the perfect color yarn. So I submitted, and to my delight, it was accepted!

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No Capes! is knit seamlessly from the top down, starting at the shoulders. The body is knit in the round, and the sleeves are picked up around the armhole, shaped with short rows, and knit in the round. The colorwork in the front is stranded but can be done in duplicate stitch if desired. The pattern comes in children’s sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 and is perfect for your super boy or girl. I know I have trouble getting Jeffrey’s off of him! Petite Purls is a free online knitting and crochet magazine, so all the adorable patterns in this issue–including No Capes!–is free of charge.

No Capes (8) crop watermark

But that’s not the only pattern I’ve been working on! I’d bought some linen/cotton yarn, Nature’s Style Fashion, at Yarn Cloud at the same time as the bamboo, and the minute I laid eyes on it I knew it would be perfect for a tailored polo shirt. Then I picked up the 2nd color and I flashed back to my childhood.

When I was younger, my parents belonged to a bowling league. My brothers and I were old enough that they could take us along, and we loved those nights–we’d have dinner at the bowling alley and then split our night between watching our parents’ team and the arcade where we played Elevator and Ms. Pac-Man until we ran out of quarters. My dad taught me how to bowl, which is still one of my fondest childhood memories, and can still picture those old bowling shirts the teams wore.

Bowling Shirt Polo pics (7) watermarked

So I set out to capture that feel in this shirt for Jeffrey, with the contrasting stripe, sleeves, and collar in the Bowling Shirt Polo. It is also a seamless, top-down knit with a button placket built into the front, and body and sleeve knit in the round. The collar is picked up around the neck and knit in a herringbone stitch. The top is suitable for boys or girls (I have instructions for doing the button placket either way) and comes in children’s sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.

Once the sample was blocked and ready to photograph, we made a family outing of it to the local bowling alley. (For the record, I won…but both Steve and I were rusty enough that we had a few balls bounce off the bumpers they put up for Jeffrey and Lexie.) So the shirt has been tested in action!

Bowling Shirt Polo pics (3) watermarked

Bowling Shirt Polo is available for $5.00 and can be purchased either right here on the blog or on Ravelry for any Ravelry members.

Bowling Shirt Polo pics (2) watermarked


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4 Responses to When superheroes go bowling

  1. Sara says:

    Both patterns are AWESOME! I especially love the third photo of Jeffrey. :)

    Congrats on all of the publishing!

    • Tesia says:

      Jen, congratulations! Both designs are absolutely adorable, as is the model;)

  2. Jaia says:

    Jen – Congratulations on getting published in Petite Purls! Those patterns are adorable and both will be remembered for when Boo is a little bigger. AWESOME!

  3. guinevere says:

    I love these! I wanted to add my congrats on being published in Petite Purls, too.

    I saw this in a catalog and immediately thought of Jeffrey – for when it’s too warm for his sweater. :)


    I may have to knit the bowling shirt in pink for my LO! :)