3 lbs of roving

Last month, 3 lbs of wooden buttons showed up at my front door. In my world, it appears that good things come in threes…

About a month ago, Allison of TAAT Designs posted in one of the Three Irish Girls groups on Ravelry about some targhee roving that she was thinking of purchasing…and she was hoping to get a group together for a bulk order. The more ordered, of course, the less each individual order would be, so it made sense to go in on an order. But I decided to bow out. I’ve already got quite a bit of roving…especially considering I spin so slowly on a spindle and haven’t gotten started with my new wheel yet.

I was quite proud of my mature decision…and then Allison earburned me to the thread about ordering–the idea had morphed into a bulk order that would be sent straight to Sharon of Three Irish Girls, who would dye our orders in the colorways of our choice and then ship them out to us. And she did it while I was on percocet.

The next thing I knew, I’d ordered 3 lbs of targhee, 1 lb to be dyed in Kate for daughter Lexie, and 2 lbs in Maura for me.

New rule: no Ravelry while on prescription drugs…especially the one that once caused me to lose an entire week after shoulder surgery.

Sharon let us know late last week that our roving was on its way, after she took some pictures and wrote the roving a little love/hate letter–and after seeing those pictures I no longer had any regrets about my order–so when I got a priority mail package on Saturday I got quite excited…until I opened the package. Not that I don’t love my Ravelry sweatshirt, and not that it wasn’t nice of my mother-in-law to send it along after it was left behind on our visit, but…

Now I’m wondering how I could have ever thought that priority envelope held my roving, because today this showed up on my doorstep:

Targhee roving (1)

Wait–that doesn’t give you the full effect. Let’s add something to give a sense of perspective. Like my tall-for-her-age-almost-3-year-old daughter:

Targhee roving (2)

Yeah. That big.

I couldn’t wait to see my roving, not even long enough to go back inside for a pair of scissors. Those plastic priority mail envelopes can be torn with the right motivation. Here’s Kate:

Targhee roving (3)

Kate is one of my favorite colorways, and I loved seeing how it dyed up on the targhee. I have that colorway on some McClellan Fingering, and it looks quite a bit different on that bamboo blend with the slight sheen:

3IG McClellan Kate

The pinks in the roving are deeper and darker, the green a bit lighter, and the brown much warmer. Gorgeous. And Lexie agrees:

Targhee roving (5)

Maura is a colorway I didn’t own yet, and I spent a lot of time dithering on this choice. I almost changed it when someone else RHONNIE picked Waterlillies, which is a club members only colorway and one of my favorites, but I’d been intrigued by Maura since the colorway was first released. I am so glad I stuck to my guns:

Targhee roving (6)

Cool colors are my favorite, and I love how these colors blend together. The touch of coppery brown just sets off the rest beautifully. And yes, I like mine too:

Targhee roving (7)

(Picture courtesy of the almost-3-year-old, represented by her finger on the bottom left.)

As always, the order was accompanied by a thank you postcard, and I had to laugh at Sharon’s message on the back:


You better like these or else! Or else… Or else, I don’t know, just OR ELSE!



Sorry, Sharon. We don’t like them. We love them.

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