Talk to me, yarn; I’m listening

Steve doesn’t believe that yarn talks to me. When I first tried to explain this to him, he laughed. Then he just rolled his eyes. Now he quietly does internet searches for knitting friendly straight jackets. (Fortunately for me, he hasn’t found any yet.)

But it does talk to me; I know I’m not the only knitter who hears it, either. And the yarn was especially loud this 4th of July at the Three Irish Girls trunk show hosted by The Yarn Spot, introducing Three Irish Girls’ new non-wool yarns.

3IG Trunk Show 070411 (5)

3IG Trunk Show 070411 (7)

3IG Trunk Show 070411 (6)

(I have to apologize for the quality of most of the pictures in this post; I opted not to bring my nice camera, because I didn’t want to be distracted from some serious yarn shopping. I’m sure y’all can understand that, right?)

There’s been a lot of interest in non-wool yarns from Three Irish Girls; not everyone can or wants to use wool, and it’s nice to have yarns for summer knitting in those gorgeous color combinations that Sharon comes up with…but dyeing wool yarn and dyeing non-wool yarns requires entirely different dyes and techniques. Sharon’s reached the point now where she can expand, and I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t wait to get my hands on some.

3IG Trunk Show 070411 (10)

3IG Trunk Show 070411 (11)

That crowd was pretty much indicative of the entire trunk show–they were crazy busy, in a very good way. I know I didn’t see anyone leaving empty handed. And many of the people who arrived put in the extra effort of wearing a bit of red, white, and blue for some extra door prize entries…although no one put as much creativity into it as this group with their awesome patriotic fascinators:

3IG Trunk Show 070411 (14)

Oh, and Sharon didn’t just tempt us with the new yarns…she bought a lot of her standard bases in gorgeous new colorways:

3IG Trunk Show 070411 (3)

3IG Trunk Show 070411 (4)

Of course, one of the greatest draws of the trunk show was Sharon herself!

3IG Trunk Show 070411 (13)

She’s the tall one. I’m the one standing on my tiptoes on the right.

3IG Trunk Show 070411 (9)

See how friendly Sharon is? Here she’s teaching the tricks of the perfect skein twist.

But, see…that friendly exterior is just a ruse. Just a ploy to suck you in so the yarn can talk to you! And it says things like…

3IG Bamboo Cotton Worsted Exactly What You're Looking For (CY) (2)

Exactly What You’re Looking For. Seriously–that was the name of the yarn. It told me it was exactly what I was looking for. So then it must be. And then there was:

3IG Bamboo Cotton Worsted Shot Through the Heart (CY)

Shot Through the Heart. This one was sneaky–somehow, Sharon knew that I still sing along to that song at the top of my lungs when I’m alone in the car.

3IG Bamboo Cotton Worsted OMG (CY)

When I saw this skein of yarn, I’m fairly certain I gasped, “Oh, my God…” Then I picked it up and saw it was named O.M.G. Clearly, we were speaking to each other.

But that wasn’t the worst of them. This was:

3IG Cotton Rayon Sport Mama (CY)

I picked this yarn up, turned it over to look at the label, and it asked, “Mama?” I mean, really. What kind of heartless person walks away from a yarn that asks if you’re its mama? Not me, certainly.

So this is not my fault.

3IG Trunk Show 070411 (12)

3IG Trunk Show 070411 (1)

It all asked to come home with me. And I’m not so cruel as to say no.

Tomorrow, I’ll share more information about the new bases…

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  2. Loraine says:

    Funny. It’s true, yarn does have a voice. It’s telepathic but a voice nonetheless.

  3. RiA says:

    Still jealous of the exactly what youre looking for!

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