Now, about that yarn…

Three Irish Girls is introducing 4 new non-wool blends in their line-up: a bamboo/cotton worsted, a cotton/rayon sport, a bamboo/cotton fingering, and a 100% silk lace. The only one I didn’t purchase was the lace; it was gorgeous and I loved the colors, but I don’t do a lot with lace weight yarn.

3IG Trunk Show 070411 (6) - Copy

Silk looks different depending on how it’s processed, and this silk has more of that structured, almost “crunchy” look. I have to admit that I didn’t handle it much (because I was afraid it would start telling me it wanted to come home with me), but I liked the feel of it. It felt like it would knit up well and hold lace structure beautifully.

I was, as I have been recently, looking for yarns for spring and summer knits, so I knew the rest of the yarns Sharon was offering would be perfect for me. First the bamboo/cotton worsted:

3IG Bamboo Cotton Worsted
Colorways from L to R: My Heart Goes Pitter Pat (CY); Exactly What You’re Looking For (CY); Shot Through the Heart (CY); Charmed, I’m Sure; Not a Cloud in Sight; O.M.G. (CY); Art Can’t Hurt You (CY); Coral Reef

The yarn is a 50/50 blend of bamboo and cotton, is 235yds/skein, has just the slightest sheen, and is so soft. To give you an idea of how soft it is, the first night I had it home, both of my kids snuggled with a skein of it while I sang them their night-night songs…and then tried to steal the skein to sleep with!

3IG Bamboo Cotton Worsted Not a Cloud in Sight

The colorways marked with CY are Carpe Yarnem colorways – those are one of a kind colorways that Sharon creates for fun but can’t recreate exactly because she doesn’t keep track of the recipe. Some of them require too much work to do on a large scale. They’re tricky to design with, because there will always be knitters or crocheters who want to recreate a design exactly, right down to the exact same colorways, and that can’t be done with CY colorways. But I really wanted some variegated colorways to work with, and they were all marked CY…and, like I said yesterday, they asked to come home with me. But for your future buying plans, any colorways not marked as CY should be available for general purchase as the yarn arrives in LYSs and online (Sharon’s said she’s working to build up a stock for LYSs first, to avoid creating a demand and no way to immediately gratify it). And if you fell in love with Georgia Peach on the wool blend yarns, you’ll love Coral Reef!

Once I finished with the worsted weight yarn, I couldn’t resist the cotton/rayon sport. It’s shiny! I’m a magpie! It’s a match made in heaven!

3IG Cotton Rayon Sport
Colorways from L to R: Summer Saturday (CY); Chameleon; When Harry Met Sally (CY); Mama? (CY); Raspberry Verbena; Coral Reef

This yarn is a 60% cotton, 40% rayon blend, 330yds/skein. The way the rayon is blended in gives it the sheen and a very smooth and silky feel; the cotton keeps it soft and flowing. I keep needing to touch this one…and Lexie keeps trying to steal the Raspberry Verbena when my back is turned. She claimed the “pink yarn” as hers the moment she saw it come out of the bag, and has been asking me several times a day since when I’m going to make her something with her pink yarn.

3IG Cotton Rayon Sport Raspberry Verbena

While the idea of knitting an entire top (or maybe dress?) in fingering weight yarn scares me a bit, I reminded myself I design for children (smaller items!) and gave in to the pretty colors of the bamboo/cotton fingering. It was really Winesap that hooked me initially; I saw it the minute I walked in the door and fell in love from across the room.

3IG Bamboo Cotton Fingering
Colorways from L to R: Winesap (CY); Mama Said Knock You Out (CY); She Really is a Funny Girl (CY); Charmed, I’m Sure; Raspberry Verbena; Bramble

Like the worsted weight, the fingering weight is a 50/50 blend of cotton and bamboo (although there’s 470yds/skein), but in looks–sheen and visible softness–it falls right between the worsted and the cotton/rayon sport. It’s just as soft as the rayon, and it shows the colors beautifully; where colors softened slightly in the worsted weight and silvered a bit in the sport weight, they are deep and bright in the fingering.

3IG Bamboo Cotton Fingering Bramble and Funny Girl and Charmed

And I did mention I didn’t limit my interest to the new yarns…I got sucked in by some new colorways on old favorites:

3IG Wool Bases
Colorways from L to R: Andromeda (CY) on Finley Fingering; Skipjack, Bayside, and Salt Spray on Felicity (bottom) and Beachtown miniskein set on Adorn Sock (top); Confectionary miniskein set on Kells Sport Merino; and Pansies miniskein set on Glenhaven Cashmerino Worsted (a Yarn Spot exclusive colorway)

Those skeins of Finley are actually my very first of that base and were bought especially for Jeffrey; I was trying to decide between Andromeda and a gorgeous green variegated, and called Jeffrey to see which he wanted. See, if it were up to me, he’d wear green every day to set off those gorgeous green eyes of his…but his favorite color is currently blue. At least there’s green in this, so we’ll both be happy. And he adores the Skipjack colorway and the coordinating semisolids, which are also for him (in the Felicity, at least; the Adorn miniskein set, which was a door prize I won, was for something coordinating for Lexie…but she says she doesn’t like it. So maybe a little coordinating something for Jeffrey to wear with his planned cardigan…?).

3IG Adorn Sock Beachtown mini skeins

Ah, decisions, decisions…on all the yarn. Stay tuned–I’ve got some ideas bubbling. And they’re not all knitting!

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3 Responses to Now, about that yarn…

  1. Rhonnie Cary says:

    I think the pansy set wants to come live with me!! :)
    I’m sure of it in fact ­čśÇ

  2. Loraine says:

    Thanks for the explanations and pictures, Jen. You did a great job.

  3. Rhiannon says:

    Very cool! I can’t wait to get some of the bamboo cotton for my own.