Making it theirs, Part 3: Made by Mom

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I did a few other crafty things for the kids’ rooms, mostly for Lexie’s. She had a couple more small furniture items–a doll crib and doll rocking chair–that I decided to paint. They were both slightly older pieces and possibly handmade, but not antique or really that nice on their own. I used the same paint that I had for her main furniture pieces and some stencils that I’d gotten initially for some wall hangings.

doll rocker and crib (1)

doll rocker and crib (4)

At first I was going to leave them as is, but I’d pinned a tutorial on distressing painted furniture to my Lexie’s Room board on Pinterest, and I decided I wanted a similar look. I skipped the primer (because I had wood to start) and the candle wax…and I regretted that part. I found I was really having to sand hard to get down to the wood through the 2 coats of paint (or 3 where there were stencils). But I really liked the results.

doll rocker and crib (7)

doll rocker and crib (8)

doll rocker and crib (9)

Another Pinterest inspiration I had was a name display for both kids. It started with these wooden letters hanging from ribbons, but I decided to combine it with this idea for a framed letter backed with burlap. I wanted to do Lexie’s full name (Alexandra is going to be tricky to learn to spell, so I ought to give her a head start), so I bought a set of letters at Michaels and then realized what a challenge I’d given myself in finding a frame long enough that wasn’t also way too wide.

Lexie's name display

That took some doing, but I found one and it was white so I wouldn’t even need to prime it before painting it pink (as I did the letters). In my wandering around Michaels I found packs of embellishments that I think were intended for scrapbooking, and I picked up flowers and butterflies in pink, purple, green, and blue. The rickrack also came from Michaels, the burlap from Joann Fabrics, and the pins from my local fabric store. I liked the hanging from ribbon look, but I didn’t want to actually hang them from the ribbon, so the letters are hot glued to the burlap and the pins are just holding the ribbon up. I finished it off by hot gluing the embellishments around the frame and on the burlap. I probably wouldn’t have done the staggered look if I’d had the choice, but it was the only way to fit all of the letters on the longest frame I could find.

Jeffrey also needed a name display:

Jeffrey's name display

I made his the same way I did Lexie’s, although I didn’t need to paint the black frame and the letters were a custom order from Lorisletters on etsy. I had the hardest time finding Star Wars embellishments to add to the frame, but I finally located Star Wars room decals. The best part was I found both original Star Wars and Clone Wars, and I was going to have a lot more than I needed for the frame, so the rest could be put on the walls around his room.

I’d also pinned a message board tutorial, which I thought would be fun for both kids. I’d originally bought one for Jeffrey on etsy, but I didn’t like it when it arrived–if I hadn’t known it was Star Wars, I wouldn’t have recognized anyone printed on the fabric. So I ended up buying some iron transfers…but a shipping mix up, followed by 2 incorrect orders, means I haven’t gotten his done yet. Lexie’s turned out well, though.

Lexie's message board

I bought a corkboard at Michaels and covered it with some of the fabric I’d gotten originally for her quilt over batting, and then criss crossed the rickrack from the name display across the board. I chose to use a corkboard because I’d purchased Tinkerbell push pins for where the ribbons crossed.

And although I still haven’t made that quilt, I got to use more of the fabric in a display inspired by this tutorial I pinned. I skipped the glue, which might come back to haunt me when the hoops are packed for our next move, but for now they look great.

fabric display

My last fabric-inspired creations can be seen here:

Lexie's bed hanging (2)

The blanket on Lexie’s bed was probably the easiest thing I made. On a trip to Joann Fabrics I saw fleece Tinkerbell prints on sale, so I bought 2 yards each of 2 different prints. At home I laid them down wrong sides together, squared them up, and then cut strips all the way around about 1 – 1.5″ wide (since the strips curl up, exact measurements aren’t necessary). Then I just tied the strip from the top fabric to the strip from the bottom fabric. Dead simple, just a bit tedious, because I had to be careful to make sure I kept the strips aligned (be careful moving it!).

Equally simple and even more tedious was the overbed hanging, inspired by a combo of this overbed hanging and this ribbon hanging.

Lexie's bed hanging (1)

Mostly it was a struggle with keeping the pink and purple tulle in check; it’s so thin that it (and the ribbons dangling from the top) wanted to pull out of the embroidery hoop if I wasn’t careful moving it around. Since we have high ceilings I bought 9 yards of the pink tulle and 3 of the purple, and cut each into 3 pieces. Then, once they were secured with the hoop, I cut the purple tulle into strips (4 in each section) and tied them at the bottom with the ribbon. I had a few butterflies left from the name display, and I hot glued them to the tulle (not without burning my fingers repeatedly).

The final items I personalized were a set of magnetic boards, one for each kid. I bought these years ago, when Lexie was a baby, and had never gotten around to hanging them. Lexie’s was in all white, and Jeffrey’s was a black frame and ribbon with a cream center. After all the moves, both centers were looking sort of grimy, and there wasn’t anything else white in Lexie’s room (except her toddler bed, which we’re replacing since she’s outgrown it). So I broke out Lexie’s paint one more time, bought some dark blue paint for Jeffrey, and grabbed some of Lexie’s rickrack and red ribbon.

Lexie's magnetic board

Jeffrey's magnetic board

The white/black and red heart magnets came with the boards, but I bought more themed ones for each kids. Lexie’s Tinkerbell magnets came from the same store as the pushpins. I got Jeffrey some bottle top magnets with Star Wars pictures from Spiral Twist on etsy and paired them with a set of magnets with Star Wars quotes from Little Momma Erin Designs on etsy. Jeffrey especially loves the quote magnets because he recognizes most of the quotes (he loves to have someone recite the “Why you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy looking, nerf herder!” one so he can ask, “Who’s scruffy looking?” Cue maniacal laughter).

And now…it was finally time to put it all together. In Part 4.

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