Prior proper planning for Madrona

I haven’t been working on designing as much as I wanted to recently–first there was the cross-country move, then unpacking, then making our new house a home, and then preparing for Steve’s deployment. But now that we’re mostly settled and unpacked (what isn’t done is in the basement and not urgent) and Steve has left, it’s time for me to get back to work.

I’ve decided to focus on getting a good strong portfolio together for Madrona, and since that’s in February, I’m putting aside the winter knits I’d started working on in favor of some great spring items. And first on my list is reworking several of my old designs: Bowling Shirt Polo, No Capes!, and Little Miss Mopsey, each for slightly different reasons.

Bowling Shirt Polo combo pic

My only concern with Bowling Shirt Polo is the yarn I chose. My goal was to support my then-LYS, Yarn Cloud, but circumstances have changed for the store (for the better, I’m happy to say) and the yarn (a little more unsettled). The yarn’s always been a challenge to find, but availability has become more questionable. So I want to rework the pattern in yarns that are more commercially available. I tried to find another worsted weight linen blend but came up blank, so I chose Berroco Remix and O-Wool Balance (which was nearly discontinued right after I picked it, but fortunately has been picked up by a new company). I liked the look and feel of each, and that gives knitters a wool and a non-wool option–and I really like that the Remix is recycled, and both the organic nature of O-Wool and that another company thought enough of the yarn to step up and save it.

No Capes combo

No Capes! is going to have more modifications; I’ll be reworking it in different yarns, for the same reason as Bowling Shirt Polo, but this pattern was originally published differently; whereas I self-published Bowling Shirt Polo, No Capes! was originally published by Petite Purls. By their policy, I retain the copyright to the pattern, which means I can do anything I want with it, so long as I understand it will remain available in its original form on their site indefinitely. I won’t be able to update the version on their site, however, so I’ll have to create my own version and publish it…and if I’m doing that, I’m considering expanding the pattern–adding more charts and sizes–and making it a pay pattern (with links to the free archived version).

Little Miss Mopsey combo

And then there’s Little Miss Mopsey. Under normal circumstances, copyright for this pattern, published by The Sanguine Gryphon, wouldn’t be reverting to me for a while yet. However, with the pending dissolution of The Sanguine Gryphon into 2 separate companies (The Verdant Gryphon and Cephalopod Yarns), copyrights are being returned to the designers, probably around the end of this year. Fortunately for me, both companies are planning to continue carrying both Traveller and Bugga!, the 2 yarns used in my design. That said, I’m not sure what availability is going to look like, especially with brand new companies, so I’m going to expand the yarn range for this pattern too. I’m also thinking of making some changes for a fall version.

That’s just the beginning…but for right now, I need to put the computer down and pick the needles back up. Not to work on any of my designs; we discovered this morning that Jeffrey’s mittens are AWOL, and it’s gotten pretty cold quite fast. Mommy to the rescue (with blue yarn, of course)!

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