Anatomy of a big box

I was sitting quietly in the office, minding my own business, when a loud thump! from the porch startled me. I looked up–the porch is right outside my window–and saw the mailman heading back down the stairs. “A package big enough to thump?” I said to myself. “It must┬ábe something good!”

I headed outside and brought in this:

Anatomy of a big box (1)

I hadn’t even opened it yet, and I knew it was something good. That little blue sticker told me so. But you really can’t get an idea of how big that box is. So I added something for scale:

Anatomy of a big box (2)

I ripped open the box (ok, cut the tape very carefully), and found:

Anatomy of a big box (3)

Turquoise. Of course. I pulled out all of the tissue paper, and:

Anatomy of a big box (4)

Brown. Also of course. Ok, Sharon, now you’re just teasing me.

However, I was almost to the good stuff. For inside those 3 brown bags, I found:

Anatomy of a big box (5)

I would love to say it’s all for me…but not even close. These are all of the recently retired Three Irish Girls colorways on Adorn Sock; I organized a co-op in one of my Ravelry groups. I’ll be splitting these up into miniskeins for my fellow Beekeeper’s Quilt knitters (since they were responsible for getting me hooked on it, it was only fair that I hook them into some related stash enhancement. Right? Right. And it gave me a chance to get my hands on every one of the retiring colorways.

There were also a few extras in the box…not yarn, but goodies none the less.

Anatomy of a big box (6)

And those are all mine. (The candies are from Yummy Earth; the pretty cards are from Two One Eight on etsy.)

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8 Responses to Anatomy of a big box

  1. Ria says:

    Jumping up & down , clapping hands….

  2. Nadia says:

    Now *that* is the best kind of surprise on your doorstep! A whole box full of pretties :)

  3. Jean says:


  4. Overload says:

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