Grande Prairie Hats

I love hats. Growing up, I wore hats all the time, although it was usually a ball cap. Now that I can knit, however, I enjoy making myself all sorts of hats.

hat collection

One might look at that collection and think I have enough. And one would be wrong. For one, I no longer own all of those hats: the red and gray cloches were gifts, the gray/tan and blue cloches were donated to a cancer patient going through chemo, the felted roll brim Noro hat was too big, and my daughter has laid claim to the pink/purple hat with the rolled brim.

For another, there is no such thing as enough hats.

So I was very interested when I saw my good friend and fellow designer Trisha Paetsch of TAAT Designs had released a collection of hat patterns, Grande Prairie Hats. I love Trisha’s work, so I was pretty sure I’d find at least one hat I liked. And I was right.

Lara (left) and Janette (right)

One word for why these caught my eye: buttons. Although Lara comes in a short brim version that doesn’t have to be buttoned…why? It’s a chance to put buttons on a hat, people! And I’ve got some awesome oversized buttons that would prefect for Janette, although Trisha does also show a version with 3 small buttons for people who don’t buy 3 pounds of mostly oversized buttons…

Bregdan (left) and Leanne (right)

I would call Bregdan and Leanne earwarmers, because they don’t fully cover the back of the head. But they’re both perfect for the days when you need some covering for those icy ears but not the entire head covered. I love the texture of both; Bregdan features a beautiful braided cable. Leanne uses intarsia that lets you get the color from a variegated yarn without doing an entire hat with it. If you buy the e-book of all 6 hat patterns, you also get the bonus mitten pattern that coordinates with Leanne.

Frippery (left) and Frivolity (right)

Practical? Not a bit of it. Fun? Heck, yeah. Frippery is the only one of the hats I’m not planning to knit, only because I couldn’t pull it off (I have the wrong face shape, and my hair won’t hold bobby pins, which I’d need to keep it in place). But Frivolity? A hat made for embellishment. It’s got my name all over it. I’m already planning my embellishment scheme, which will be centered around peacock feathers. Oh, yeah… Both patterns come with an additional PDF of embellishing tips.

As always, the patterns are well written, and I can recommend any of them. If you’re interested in knitting at least 4 of the patterns, priced at $5.00CAD, then the e-book is a better deal at $20.00CAD, since you’ll get all 6 hat patterns, the bonus mitten pattern, more pictures of the hats…and a picture of a moose. Unfortunately, they couldn’t convince him to model any of the hats.

Interested in trying one of the patterns out? Leave a comment below telling me which hat is your favorite by midnight PST on Saturday, 1/14, and I’ll randomly draw one name from the list of those who comment to win that pattern! One entry per person, and leave your Ravelry name if applicable, please!

All pictures copyright Trisha Paetsch, 2011, and are used with permission.

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7 Responses to Grande Prairie Hats

  1. Veronica says:

    Nice write up! Trisha is truly talented. I love them all, but I think Bregdan is my favorite.

    punkcutie on Ravelry

  2. Nadia says:

    I can’t really pick one favorite, but I think I would be most likely to wear Bregdan or Leanness.

    Such an awesome collection!

    Fourbubbiesmama on Ravelry

  3. Yarnardent (Leanne) says:

    Leanne is my favorite of course!

  4. Ria says:

    I have been eyeballing Frippery. My hair does hold bobby pins – and my sister being the kind of person that HAD to have a Princess Kate wedding dress when she got married – would think I was mocking her if I wore it to a family event… clearly I must!

  5. Janet Dunivin says:

    I love all of the hats, but I think that Leanne is my favorite. Since I wear glasses I tend to make ones that aren’t too tight on the forehead. Although, Janette is pretty cute. Speaking of cute, isn’t Trisha adorable??

  6. sarah says:

    I love them all,but want to make the leanne first

  7. Jen says:

    Ok, everyone – comments for the pattern are closed! I’ll draw for the winner tomorrow; thanks!