You were meant to be mine, baby…

Sharon of Three Irish Girls has recently been doing a tour of stores that sell her yarns, featuring the exclusive colorways she’s created for each store. Naturally, I’ve been enjoying looking at all of the pretties…and then one update stopped me in my tracks.

A peacock colorway. Peacock. And Sharon didn’t tell me?

Ok, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she didn’t realize this colorway was made for me. I can’t remember if I carried this the first time I met Sharon:

Haut Totes peacock bag (3)

And I’m pretty sure she hasn’t seen the coordinating notions bag:

Haut Totes peacock bag (2)

Or the coordinating cell phone bag:

Haut Totes Peacock cell phone bag (1)

And the purse is a fairly new acquisition:

Haut Totes peacock purse

(All bags from Haut Totes on etsy.)

Yeah. I have a bit of a thing about peacocks (and hummingbirds, but that’s another story). But in all fairness, Sharon might not have known, so it was up to me to procure the Peacock yarn that was made for me even if Sharon didn’t realize it. I hadn’t even finished reading the post before I dashed off an email to StevenBe asking if he had any of the colorway in stock. Steven got right back to me to let me know that he did, in what amounts and on what bases…and he had 4 skeins on Wexford/Merino Silk. I immediately responded and asked him to set all 4 aside for me.

It arrived a couple days ago, and I’m still in love.

3IG Wexford Merino Silk Peacock

I don’t know for sure what I’m going to make with it…but it’ll be for me. It was meant for me.

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