Puget Sound LYS Tour 2012 – Day 4

And it’s done.

LYS Tour passport

Today ended up being a bit longer than I’d planned. I’d managed to knock out all but 4 of the 21 LYSs on the LYS Tour…but I had to revist 2 of them today. I’m not complaining though – it was for a very good reason.


  • LYSs visited: 6 (4 for the first time, 2 revists)

Knot Just Yarn, Burlington

Knot Just Yarn (1)

Knot Just Yarn (2)

WildFibers, Mount Vernon

WildFibers (1)

WildFibers (2)

PinchKnitter Yarns, Stanwood

PinchKnitters Yarn (1)

PinchKnitters Yarn (2)

Great Yarns, Mill Creek

Great Yarns (1)

Great Yarns (2)

  • Miles traveled, round-trip: 202.9
  • Time spent traveling and visiting LYSs: 9 hours, 11 minutes
  • Ferries taken: 2 (Kingston to Edmonds and Seattle to Bremerton)
  • Yarn purchased: 7 skeins

Just as I had for each previous day, I had mapped out my planned route the night before. I knew I had to revisit Ana-Cross Stitch in Anacortes because I won their Thursday prize drawing, so I had saved the LYSs closest to Anacortes to finish off at the same time. After some back and forth over whether I wanted to start by driving all the way north to Anacortes to be there by opening time and work my way south, or start in the south and work my way north then come home, I let Google Maps make the decision for me – the first option meant leaving way too early in the morning. If I followed the 2nd option, I could leave at 7 to catch a 7:55 ferry (which would leave plenty of time for unforeseen travel issues) and be at Great Yarns by about 15 minutes before opening.

Google Maps lied. I realized that as I was disembarking in Edmonds and GPS Wesley told me I’d be at Great Yarns before 9 am. The stores didn’t open until 10. So I asked Wesley what time I’d get to Anacortes, and he told me 9:49. Well, I guess I was starting north and working my way south after all.

In retrospect, that turned out to be a good thing…because as I was leaving WildFibers (the 2nd LYS I needed for my passport) I got a text from Steve to call Serial Knitters (whom I’d visited yesterday). Turns out I’d won their Saturday drawing! And since they’re just east of Seattle, if I’d started south and headed north and then had to back track to there, it would have made the day much longer.

  • Yarn won: 3 skeins
  • Needle sets won: 2
  • Magazines/pattern booklets won: 3
  • LYS Tour bags won: 2

Thursday prize

Saturday prize

Thursday’s prize turned out to be 2 balls of Debbie Bliss Party Angel, a set of Knitters Pride Symfonie Dreamz DPN sock needles, and the special LYS Tour bag (which was only for prizes – you couldn’t buy the bag). Saturday’s prize was 2 pattern books from Juniper Moon Farms (Yearling and Sabine), the 2012 spring/summer issue of Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine, a set of Clover bamboo circular needles with case, a skein of Plymouth Yarn Trabajos del Peru, and another bag. I’ll drive extra miles for swag like that any day.

Today was the first day that the weather had turned for the worst – the rain wasn’t nearly as heavy as it’s forecast to be early this coming week, but we had drizzly showers pretty much all day. Fortunately, it didn’t seem to dampen any of the crawlers’ enthusiasm; I came across almost as many people today as I did yesterday. I hope Sunday’s numbers were strong across the board for all the LYSs – in several stores I had a wonderful conversation with a broadly grinning staff member talking about how they’d handed out almost all of their patterns and were so low on featured yarn they were having to place special orders for people. I love that even in the current economy, so many knitters and crocheters were out supporting their L (and not so local) YSs. Today I came across another person who’d opted to complete both yarn crawls, and another who was making an international affair of it by visiting from Canada (and she was far from the only one).

For me the most exciting part of today was a potential connection I made with one of the LYSs I visited: Knot Just Yarn. They were interested in my designs, leading to talk of a possible trunk show and maybe even designing for them in the future – they’re going to be going into large scale yarn dyeing, and since I’ve got experience designing for indie dyers, it could be perfect. I picked up one of their hand-dyed skeins swatching up, and I knew it would be a hit with my intended model, Lexie:

Handdyed from Knot Just Yarn

I can’t quite capture the vibrancy of this pink and purple yarn, but Lexie gasped when she saw it. When I told her I’d be designing her something with it, she immediately demanded “a dress. With a small skirt and long sleeves.” The fact that a single skein might not give me enough yardage for that was dismissed as irrelevant.

And so the Great Puget Sound Yarn Crawl Craziness (my unofficial name for it) has drawn to a close. I would definitely do it all again (in fact, I plan to in 2013), but I have to admit that I hope the organizers of the 2 yarn crawls talk it out before next year and work it for different weekends. I know I would be grateful. I’m also hoping to hook up with some friends for some/all of the tour next time; it would make those long drives a lot more fun (and maybe someone else would do some of the driving so I could knit on more than just the ferries!).

Total Stats to Date:

  • LYSs visited: 29
  • Miles traveled, round trip: 863.2
  • Time spent traveling and visiting LYSs: 39 hours, 48 minutes
  • Ferries taken: 7
  • Yarn purchased: 36 skeins
  • Yarn crawls completed: 2
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3 Responses to Puget Sound LYS Tour 2012 – Day 4

  1. Barbara Kalman says:

    I live in Surprise AZ. My son, daughter in law and 2 grandchildren live in Bellevue, Wa and a niece lives outside of Portland, OR. I am going to SOAR this OCT in Lake Tahoe. Anyone from here going? Anyone willing to invite me to be their houseguest for the 2013 Yarn crawl. I would be willing to fly here, pay you a bed and breakfast fee and share driving expenses. Years ago I made friends through the Knitlist with knitters in another country and stayed with them for a few days and visited yarn shops. So I know it can be done and it was great fun.

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