Out of the canoe, in with the dragonflies

Before you read on, a promise: there will be no dragonfly pictures in this post. My husband reads my blog, and he’s bug phobic. So you’re safe. No bugs.

But I happen to find dragonflies quite beautiful, so I’m happy that I landed in the Dragonfly group for The Loopy Ewe’s Camp Loopy Project Two after disembarking the Brown/Black canoe.

I finished my Project One, Campy Copper Abalone, in good time despite a setback. I did end up making a virtue of the necessity of frogging by changing the pattern to knit it top down (although I opted not to do the short row shaping for the bottom curve, and stuck to decreases). When I finished it up, I didn’t dislike it, but I wasn’t overly enthused about it. My first modeled shots weren’t great, and I wasn’t sure it was the right look for me.

But as always, blocking worked wonders.

Campy Copper Abalone (5)

Campy Copper Abalone (6)

Campy Copper Abalone (7)

I’m now in love (and am, in fact, wearing it right now since it never made it out of the 50s here today), but even so, there are some changes I would have made. There’s too much fabric bunching around my shoulders and armhole – if I were to knit it again, I’d resize the top for set-in sleeves. And I think knitting it a bit longer would be better; I like the length in back but I think the curve hits me at the wrong spot. Still, I’m really liking the shape on me, the madelinetosh Tosh Vintage is wonderfully soft and a dream to knit with, and I’m in love with the color of the Copper Penny colorway.

So, having knit myself a sweater, I was looking forward to a smaller challenge. After all, I’d overachieved for Project One, which only required 400 yds – I used closer to 700. And then the details went up Project Two…

…800 yds minimum. I may have muttered a few words left over from my Navy days.

The worst part was that I didn’t have a lot of time to decide what I was going to do. The other requirement for Project Two was that you had to use a color from your country’s flag. On the plus side, it only had to be a color in the project, and you could pick any shade of the eligible colors. On the minus side, there are a lot of flags with red and blue (I didn’t want to do a white project), so even the expanded selection of available yarn was quickly getting picked over.

With that much yardage required, and since I’d decided all my Camp Loopy projects are going to be for me, I found myself going back and forth between a top or another cardigan. The still cool weather – they don’t call it June-uary here in the Pacific Northwest for nothing – decided me on a cardigan, since I could get a lot of use out of one. Practicality (especially since I had a sweater to knit for my mom) limited me to a short sleeved cardigan, and budgeting steered me towards DK or sport weight yarn. So I turned to Ravelry’s advanced pattern search, as always, and began playing with filters.

Summer Waves Cardi was the first to catch my eye. My Abalone had converted me to the idea of open cardigans, and I really liked the feminine look. The fact that it was designed for Cascade Ultra Pima was a real bonus for me – I’ve worked with that yarn and love it. Of course, I’m not yet very familiar with The Loopy Ewe’s inventory, so I wasn’t sure if they even carried Cascade…but they do, and one of the yarns was Ultra Pima. Even better, it was available of a variety of reds/pinks and blues (although the inventory was shrinking as I considered), so I was sure I could find something. And it’s a very reasonably priced yarn, so the 5 skeins I needed were no problem even without the Camp Loopy discount.

As I paged though the available colors, I suddenly thought of that sweater I’m making my mom…and had a brainwave. My dress for that same wedding is also sleeveless, and it’s blue and white. If I could knit a sweater to go with the dress, that would be perfect. I needed to pick a dark blue, and I wasn’t sure if I’d wear a dark blue sweater with more than that dress. Fortunately, I have a wiser friend who started listing all the other things I could wear it with and how versatile it would be, and I found myself downright excited about it.

Of course, my first choice was Armada…and when I tried to put 5 skeins in my cart the inventory auto-corrected to the 3 left in stock. I sighed and fell back on my 2nd choice, Navy (continuing an inadvertent nautical theme I didn’t recognize until telling someone the story). There was plenty of that available.

Cascade Ultra Pima Navy

Project Two started almost a week ago, and I’ve been knitting away…stay tuned for my first week of camp adventures with Loopy July Brides.

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7 Responses to Out of the canoe, in with the dragonflies

  1. Christina says:

    That Abalone really turned out flattering. It looks great on you!

  2. kathy b says:

    beautiful.. you look awesome. I LOVE The sweater…..

    • Jen says:

      Thank you! There is something about wearing something you make with your own hands. :-)

  3. Ria says:

    I think it looks great on you! I can’t wait to see the navy !

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