Ravellenic warm up – stretching

The uninitiated might look at the Ravellenic Games and think, “That looks like a lot of fun!” And they would be right. They might also think – if not a knitter or crocheter themselves – “I can just dive right in when they light the torch!”

And they would be wrong.

You can’t just pick up needle (in my case) or hook on July 27th. You have to prepare. You have to train.

And first, you have to stretch.


Or rather, wind.


It seemed only appropriate to start my training while watching the US Olympic Trials. I didn’t even realize these were televised until I saw posts about them in the Ravellenics group (shades of how the Ravelympics got me watching and enjoying the Olympics again for the first time since I was a kid). First, I warmed up for my Laurels for Apollo.


While I wound my 3 skeins of yarn, I enjoyed watching the swimming trials. The age range and backgrounds of the athletes was so interesting – during one heat in one of the women’s competitions, the oldest competitor was 46 and the youngest was 14. And I enjoyed getting to see Janet Evans swim one more time – even more, I enjoyed watching her daughter cheering for mom.


Next up for the trials that night was the women’s gymnastics finals.


And for me, it was all the yarn for Panathenaic Swatching. With 6 swatches to work up, many of which will involve colorwork, that was a lot of winding to do.


I recorded this one to show Lexie the next day – she takes gymnastics and I knew she’d be fascinated. I was right, and she immediately latched on to Aly Raisman as her favorite since they share the same first name, Alexandra. Both Lexie and Jeffrey were rooting for Aly to make the team, and were thrilled when she did. When the team came out, Jeffrey was trying to find her in the group so I pointed her out.

“Oh,” he said, “is she the one who’s crying?”

“Buddy, they’re all crying,” I told him. “So is Mommy.”

Looking forward to more happy tears and lots of knitting during the Olympics…but I have more training left to do.

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