Camp Loopy, Project Two – Week 1

6/27, 12:30am – Cast on! Well, for the swatch, anyway; I lost track of the start date and didn’t get my swatching done in advance. Oops.

6/27, 12:44pm – After an abbreviated night’s sleep while my swatch dried, it was time to cast on for real! Fortunately, my first needle size choice worked, so I didn’t have to swatch up again. My Loopy July Brides (Summer Waves Cardi, knit in Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima) is underway!

2012-06-27 12.44.07

6/30 – Not going as fast as I would have liked…but part of the problem is I’m trying to knit another sweater (the one for my mom, for the same wedding) at the same time. But I’m halfway through the raglan increases.

Loopy July Brides (1)

6/30, later – Camp Loopy went to Victory Lane! I love to knit while watching NASCAR, but when your favorite driver (Brad Keselowski!) takes the lead with 47 laps to go, it’s hard to keep your tension even. I had to stop trying to knit with 3 to go, and when Brad took the checkered flag, my knitting went flying. I’m lucky I didn’t drop a stitch on the way to Victory Lane.

2012-06-30 19.44.03

2012-06-30 19.42.03

7/2 – Ok, so I admit it. I was knitting as I watched the action on Centre Court at Wimbledon. Of course, I wasn’t that knitter – but like her (despite the inaccurate reporting) I kept my eyes glued to the tennis match while I was knitting and enjoyed every serve and volley. Multi-tasking for the game, set, and match!


7/3 – And Camp Loopy went to…the auto glass repair shop. Yay for landscapers who hit rocks with their riding mowers having good insurance… But they were very helpful, the shop got me a next day appointment, and the repair took only an hour and a half. Of course, it was long enough for me to determine:

  1. I had lost track of how many rows of the raglan I’d knit – I was much further along than I realized.
  2. I was also off by either 3 stitches too many or 5 stitches too few. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find more than 1 increase that I’d missed. Fortunately, the finer gauge of DK means I can just add another set of increase rows to get those missing increases done.

broken window

7/4 – Happy Independence Day from Camp Loopy! Bubbles are a family tradition for 4th of July.

2012-07-04 13.17.17

2012-07-04 13.15.08

7/5 – Reached that last extra set of rows of increases (to get to 348 stitches, gasp), but while I was holding my knitting up to figure out where those increases needed to go, I saw what looked like hole in the middle of the back. It wasn’t a hole, but a wonky stitch that was pulling to the side and leaving a gap. Naturally, it was 25 rows back. Time to play hook and ladder at Camp Loopy!

2012-07-05 21.51.22

7/6 – Finally – sleeve split time at Camp Loopy! The cardi looks pretty wonky at this point, between the missing lace panels in front (added last), the excessive roll on the side from the stockinette stitch, and the fact that I was trying to do a self portrait. But it looks better in real life, and I’m down to 200 stitches per row.

2012-07-06 12.54.09

2012-07-06 12.55.03

Of course, now I’m in the most tedious stretch – I’ve got at least another 9″ of stockinette to go (maybe more, since I’m a bit taller than average) – but the weather’s finally getting summer-like on the Olympic Peninsula, so it’ll be great knitting for outside watching the kids play. Summer time at Camp Loopy is here!

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