Camp memories

I want to linger
A little longer
A little longer here with you

It’s such a perfect night
It doesn’t seem quite right
That this should be my last with you

Come September
I will remember
Our camping days and friendships true

And as the years go by
I’ll think of you and sigh
This is good night and not goodbye

Every week I spent at Girl Scout camp growing up ended with that song, so I couldn’t help but think of it as I started to write this post (in November, not September) about the rest of my Camp Loopy adventures.

There’s some big differences between Girl Scout camp and Camp Loopy, however. For one, optimistic song lyrics notwithstanding, the end of each week did tend to be goodbye. Years later, I don’t remember much about those weeks, other than the songs – just some quick flashes of memory. The only tangible thing I have left are the ribbons I won during the Camp Echo Trail Olympics. I lost touch with any friends I made pretty quickly.

With Camp Loopy? We just moved on to another thread in the Ravelry group. And I have these:

Campy Copper Abalone (5)

Loopy July Brides (1)

Parlez-vous Loopy (5)

Campy Copper Abalone (top) I already posted about. I started to tell the story of Loopy July Brides (middle), but never finished. The Ravelry project page contains the rest of the play-by-play, as well as all of my end-of-knitting notes. Despite lots of doubts – was I going to use enough yarn to make the 800 yds minimum? Was I going to get it (and my mom’s sweater, which I was working on at the same time) done in time for my cousin’s wedding? Was it even going to be wearable? (Until I got the lace panels added, I couldn’t get the fit right) – I ended up with a sweater I absolutely loved.

Sadly, there are no pictures of me wearing it at my cousin’s wedding with my beautiful dress…because I was so focused on how to pack my mom’s sweater while it was still blocking that I left it at my parents’ house. But at least Mom looked beautiful in her sweater!

Mom's Damn Shrug

And I successfully completed my Dragonflies assignment for Camp Loopy #2. Then I moved into Tent 4 for Camp Loopy #3…and was a bit intimidated by the requirements. At least 500 yds this time (and as I was planning to stick with the sweater-for-me theme, that was a given anyway), but containing 2 colors. I found a great pattern, Gilet court d’ete, that was one in a striping yarn, so I knew I could use 2 colors for thin stripes and it would look good. Picking out colorways was the hardest part, mostly because there were so many pretty options (and I wasn’t limited to a specific color palette like last time. I finally settled on Malabrigo Rios in Purpuras A and Indiecita A – purple & yellow and blue & yellow are 2 of my favorite color combinations.

But it wasn’t the yarn selection, and more than the yardage or multiple colorway requirements that left me intimidated – it was the fact that Camp Loopy 3 corresponded with the Ravellenic Games…for which I was already over-committed. Much as I loved Camp Loopy, the Ravellenics had priority with me. Still, the Games ended 11 days before Camp Loopy did – could I knit a 2-colorway striped cardigan for myself in 11 days? I was darn sure gonna try.

I did it in 9: Parlez-vous Loopy?

Parlez-vous Loopy (4)

Had I had enough yarn to knit it as long as I would have preferred, it might have taken me the full 11 days, though. The pattern doesn’t come with measurements, so I wasn’t sure how long this was supposed to be, and mine is a lot more cropped than I would have liked. As it was, I went slightly over the given yardage requirements. But I was able to call it done for Camp Loopy 3, and if I should decide I want it longer, since it’s a top down sweater I can just unravel the bottom edging and start knitting again.

But since I did have a bit of “extra” time, I added some extras to my sweater:

Parlez-vous Loopy (6)

Parlez-vous Loopy (7)

Not actually too the sweater, but as it turned out I had the makings for a necklace and earrings and nail polish in the same colors as my sweater to do the art work. Making my own jewelry even brought back more memories from Girl Scout camp, like the leather bracelet I’d cut and stamped one year. That bracelet is long gone…fortunately, these sweaters will be around for a good long while, just like my new friends from Camp Loopy.

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