Knitter on tour, part 3 (and part 2)

The continuing adventures of Saturday’s yarn tour…part 1 is here

Knot Just Yarn, Burlington WA

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (18)

This was my most anticipated stop of the tour. Last year when I visited, the owner Becky and I got to talking. I mentioned I was a designer, and she was interested because she likes supporting local designers. And when she mentioned that she was going to be producing her own hand-dyed yarns, I was interested because that’s where I started designing, for an indie dyer. So I was really looking forward to seeing the new yarns.

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (20)

This was just some of her new Eweneek Hand Dyes she had available, and it’s gorgeous. I picked up a couple skeins of the Eweneek Boo-Yah in Moss for a future design. If you think this is something you might want to knit, I can tell you that 2 skeins will be enough to do up to a size 6 in a girl’s cardigan (that’s all the planning I’ve been able to do as yet! ­čśë ).

And of course, there’s plenty more great yarn there; I’d’ve spent even more time wandering around shopping if I hadn’t known I wanted to go home with some of the new hand-dyed.

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (19)

WildFibers, Mt. Vernon WA

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (21)

Walking into WildFibers always reminds me of walking into an upscale boutique (not that I have a lot of experience with that, mind). Based on the set up by the front window, I think that’s the look they were going for. There is a large selection of yarn but it doesn’t feel that way when you first walk in because there’s so much empty space. I think it wins for “easiest to move around in” during the crowds of the LYS Tour.

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (22)

At this point I faced a slight dilemma. I’d originally intended to continue south to PinchKnitter Yarns and then double back north to Ana-Cross Stitch. PinchKnitter Yarns is in just a bit of a no man’s land that makes it a bit awkward to hit. But I was in a time crunch, and what I really didn’t want to do was end up missing one of the LYSs on Whibdey Island, which would be even more awkward to get to without wasting time in transit. So I turned west instead.

Ana-Cross Stitch, Anacortes WA

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (23)

Don’t be fooled by their name into thinking it’s all about cross stitch and embroidery floss. The focus is definitely on the “stitch” – be it a cross stitch, a knitting stitch, a crochet stitch…

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (24)

Plenty of yarn for anyone, as soon as you walk in. But I found everyone gathered around the table towards the back, near the register, and the nearby shelves, which is where their feature yarn was. In addition to the official pattern, the ladies at Ana-Cross Stitch had worked up several other projects that they were wearing to show what you could do with more than one ball of the yarn. One had worked up a top (with a very open stitch) and was taking it off to pass around for other people to try on. They’d done such a good job with the salesmanship that they were running out of colors and it was only Saturday. I think I got the last 2 balls of the pink – the yarn is Tahki Yarns Ripple.

Tahki Yarns Ripple Dark Rose

With all that said…if you are a cross stitcher or embroiderer…there’s plenty here for you too.

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (25)

Crafters Co-op, Oak Harbor WA

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (26)

This was a new stop on the tour, and due to the aforementioned time crunch, I didn’t spend much time here. They also seemed pretty limited in what they had available. The staff member who was talking to other knitters when I went in was very vocal in their dislike of Chinese-made yarns, and while I like the idea of supporting local and American, I also think there’s a place for a lot of other yarns…and I prefer to be pro-something rather than so strongly anti-something. I did have a nice chat with someone about the sweater I was wearing – my Abalone – and I was able to pull out my phone and get the info from Ravelry for her to knit it for a family member.

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (27)

Knitty Purls, Langley WA

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (28)

In contrast to Wild Fibers, my last stop was pretty tiny, but they pack in as much as they can. Shopping in there did become a bit of a comedy, just because many of us had followed the same path that day, and all started at Beach Basket at the same time, and now we were all reaching Knitty Purls at closing time. But everyone had a sense of humor about the close quarters, and obligingly shifted around so everyone could see the bins.

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (29)

I did learn that I might have been able to fit in that stop at PinchKnitters when I heard one of the ladies in the shop reassure a frantic lost caller that she didn’t have to rush – they were staying open for several extra hours. But I was fairly well spent, having been on the road now for over 12 hours, and was ready to go home.

Wesley had other ideas.

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (30)

Remember that revenge I joked about? Well, he got it in spades. It all started when I went back to the car and asked him to take me home. He got to 99% while calculating the route…and stuck there. No amount of patient waiting on my part changed that. So I turned him off and back and on, and hit the home button again.


Uh oh.

Now, I have a systems engineering undergrad degree, so I know the 2 key trouble shooting steps: turn it off and back on, and then unplug and plug it back in. They had a success rate of at least 90% back in school, and now that the first had failed me, I tried the second.

He made it to 90% this time and got stuck. I was on a island I have visited once before my entire life with a vindictive GPS. This was not good.

I did eventually make it home – I discovered Wesley would take me some place close, so first I had him find the Mulkiteo-Clinton ferry terminal. I made one last attempt, while about to disembark the ferry, to convince him to take me home. He got this far:

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (31)

Instead, I had him get me to the Edmonds ferry dock, and then once back on the peninsula in Kingston, he finally deigned to calculate a route for home (not that I needed it – it was the principle of the thing by this point).

By the time I got home, I had the energy only to plan the last day’s route…and arrange for a back up in case Wesley was still in a snit on Sunday. One day to go!

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 (32)

LYS Tour stats (today):

  • LYSs visited: 10
  • Miles traveled round trip: 324
  • Time spent traveling and visiting LYSs: 16 hrs, 04 min
  • Ferries taken: 3
  • Yarn purchased: 24 skeins

LYS Tour stats (total):

  • LYS visited: 20 of 24
  • Miles traveled round trip: 640.3
  • Time spent traveling and visiting LYS: 31 hrs, 20 min
  • Ferries taken: 6
  • Yarn purchased: 52 skeins

LYS Tour 2013 Day 3 track

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