Knitter on tour, part 4

I. Was. Right.

Unfortunately, what I was right about was navigation mishaps coming in threes. I was just in for a double set of them on this LYS Tour. I would’ve thought that everything from hitting three leaves of a 4-leaf clover offramp to a parade to a GPS bent on revenge would have been enough for one person, but it was not to be.

The day started off well, if early. Not as early as Saturday, since I didn’t have as far to go before 10 am. Still, I needed a bit of early morning fortification.

LYS Tour 2013 Day 4 (1)

Orange juice. Yes, I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost 2 years and don’t drink coffee. If over 7 years in the Navy didn’t get me to start, the home of Starbucks doesn’t have a chance either. Wesley was off to a good start too.

LYS Tour 2013 Day 4 (2)

Apparently, my backup plan – bringing Steve’s GPS Sheila – was effective. Wesley realized he needed me more than I needed him, and we declared a truce. In fact, he was good enough that I had just parked at my first stop when a train crossed the road I’d been traveling and came to a stop for a while.

LYS Tour 2013 Day 4 (2a)

PinchKnitter Yarns, Stanwood WA

LYS Tour 2013 Day 4 (3)

At PinchKnitter Yarns, they know how yarn crawlers work. They opened early enough that I was actually through with my visit and heading back to my car before the LYS Tour officially started for the day. And despite the fact that several of my fellow tourists again were starting early at the same store, this is another store with lots of open space to move around in, and a really large selection that can take time to narrow down.

LYS Tour 2013 Day 4 (4)

Great Yarns!, Everett WA

For the second year in a row, I managed to drive right past this LYS. Maybe they should put their name on the building in big letters, or plant colorful flowers outside, or…

LYS Tour 2013 Day 4 (5)

…maybe I should get a GPS that doesn’t think it’s located a block from where it really is.

Great Yarns! is an even bigger LYS than you might think looking at it, because it’s actually 2 stories – all the bargain yarns are down in the basement. If you enjoy getting to poke around from room to room to discover gems tucked away (and really, who doesn’t?), this is a good store for you. I had trouble narrowing down what I wanted here, wavering back and forth between a couple choices, and the ladies there were very helpful with all of my questions.

LYS Tour 2013 Day 4 (6)

Then it was off to the last new-to-me LYS on the Tour, Country Yarns in Snohomish. I was paying very close attention to Wesley as I drove, because the navigation was just a bit tricky, with streets that branched off just a bit instead of 90 degree turns…and if you missed, there was no easy way to get back on track. I was nearly there and congratulating myself when:

LYS Tour 2013 Day 4 (7)

You have got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

For the 2nd time this LYS Tour, I found myself trying to get to an LYS blocked off with “road closed” signs, this time for the Sky Valley Bike Show. Country Yarns wasn’t quite smack dab in the middle of the blocked off area, but they were in it. All I could do was laugh and try to find a parking spot within a reasonable walking distance. Then I walked through the bike show, admired some really gorgeous motorcycles, and smiled at all of the bikers decked out in full leathers doing the double take at the woman in a sweater with knitting in her hand. I was definitely the oddball here!

Country Yarns, Snohomish WA

LYS Tour 2013 Day 4 (8)

For the first time, I walked into an LYS and was the only customer. I’m not sure how much of it was due to the bike show and how much was due to people having already crossed this LYS off their list. Several more customers came in behind me (including the group I’d kept running into Saturday), and in answer to a question from one of them, the owner said she’d seen really great traffic the other 3 days. When another customer commiserated with her about having a bike show, of all things, blocking her store from easy access, the owner shrugged with a smile and noted, “Life is like a box of chocolates. And sometimes, there are Harleys inside them.”

LYS Tour 2013 Day 4 (9)

The store was smaller but cute with a good selection. And I discovered it has a steady source of RainCity Fiber Arts yarns. I love her handdyeds, but had only seen them at Madrona before. I definitely made a note of that. And then it was on to my final stop of the day.

Main Street Yarn, Mill Creek WA

LYS Tour 2013 Day 4 (10)

Helpful hint: Main Street Yarn is actually on Main Street, but there’s a parking lot behind the store with dedicated spots for the LYS. As this was my last stop for the tour, I had a bit more time to look around, but I did need to get home in time for a farewell party for some neighbors (a frequent occurrence with Navy neighbors, sadly). But for the first time all weekend, I was looking for yarn for me. Everything else I’d bought to that point was for future design, but I wanted one souvenir for me.

LYS Tour 2013 Day 4 (11)

And once I found it, I was done until next year.

LYS Tour 2013 Day 4 (12)

A few lessons learned for 2014: I need to do a better job of checking on what local events might impact my travel plans. Hopefully, my husband will be able to get off work a bit early to handle kid duties during the week so I can maximize my Thursday and Friday travel. And lastly, next year I need to set up my schedule to end at Churchmouse, no matter how out of the way it might be. They have champagne for finishers!

LYS Tour stats (today):

  • LYSs visited: 4
  • Miles traveled round trip: 176
  • Time spent traveling and visiting LYSs: 8 hrs, 15 min
  • Ferries taken: 2
  • Yarn purchased: 14 skeins

LYS Tour stats (total):

  • LYS visited: 24 of 24
  • Miles traveled round trip: 816.3
  • Time spent traveling and visiting LYS: 39 hrs, 35 min
  • Ferries taken: 8
  • Yarn purchased: 66 skeins

LYS Tour 2013 Day 4 track

See you in 2014, LYS Tour!

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