Exciting happenings…

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster at Magpie Knitter Designs recently, but things are most definitely hitting a high right now!

Let’s start with the handdyed yarn I picked up at Knot Just Yarn during day 3 of the LYS Tour this year – the Eweneek Boo-Yah! in Moss:

Eweneek Boo-yah Moss

The color attracted me first – I loved the depth of shading and I’m a sucker for green, so I went for it although I knew I was pushing it with my model – aka my 5-year-old, purple-and-pink loving daughter. And as I feared, Lexie turned up her nose at first so I was prepared to bribe her with one in the color of her choice once she modeled this for my pattern photos. The green was totally worth it. So is the yarn – it’s a blend of merino, bamboo, and nylon (60/30/10%) and I’m loving the feel of it as I knit, as well as the fabric it’s making.

It’s also a very eloquent yarn…in that it told me exactly what it wanted to be. I was a bit taken aback, because what it wanted to be was something I’m familiar with knitting – a girl’s cardigan – but in a construction style I’ve never done. But the yarn is persuasive to boot, so I dove in. I’ve shared the design (sketches and a swatch, at that point) with Becky, the LYSO and dyer behind the Eweneek yarns, and she was as excited about it as I am…which makes me even more excited, because I hope it’s going to lead to further opportunities with Eweneek Yarns. Becky and I have been talking about working with some other bases and even a trunk show at Knot Just Yarn – so stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at the in-progress prototype; the pattern is nearly written and will be off to the tech editor soon.

MB (3) watermark


Oh, and as for Lexie? After trying this on, she’s suddenly become a fan of green.

In the meantime, I’ve also gotten news on another design. This one was originally going to be published elsewhere, but unfortunately it never happened and as publication for the design collection isn’t happening in the near future, the rights for my design were returned to me. Admittedly, that was a bit of a bummer – I can always (and will) self-publish, but it’s not quite the same as being part of a collection. And it’s a design I’ve loved since I first conceived of it as the perfect way to feature that single skein of wild variegated yarn you fell in love with, bought…and are at a loss as to what to do with it.

However, life – and design – moves on…and having my rights returned means I will be bringing this design to publication soon – as soon as I knit a new sample because the official sample didn’t belong to me and there have been changes since my prototype:

Freckles and Ruffles (5) watermark

And there’s been another benefit to having my rights returned. Not only will I be publishing it much sooner, it’s led to an opportunity with a new (to me) indie dyer! I’m keeping the details under wraps until I have yarn in hand, but hopefully that’ll happen soon; our goal is for me to have it around the first of the month. As soon as the yarn’s in hand I plan to whip up a sample to photograph, and as the pattern’s already been tech edited, it’ll be out right after that.

Which is good, because my mind’s already churning on the possibilities that these new relationships bring…

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3 Responses to Exciting happenings…

  1. linda roller says:

    Love the sweater & the color,pretty daughter. How many skeins does it take? Thanks rinebird on ravelry

    • Jen says:

      Thanks, Linda! Which one were you asking about – Mossy Bells (the green) or Freckles and Ruffles (the pink)? I haven’t finished the prototype for Mossy Bells yet, but I can say for certain that the size 6 will require just 2 skeins of the recommended yarn. Freckles and Ruffles I can’t answer for exactly because of the yarn change (since I might have to change gauge, etc.).

  2. Mossy Bells says:

    […] was the yarn that told me rather emphatically what it wanted to be. “I want to be a […]