Remembering your first

Jeffrey has a baby book that I got him and put together when he was about 8 months old – it’s part “first book to read” and part “me as a baby,” with slots where I can put pictures in of him: with a favorite toy, in his stroller, having his first bath, etc. He’s 8 years old now, but still has and loves the book. Lexie loves it too, and now that she’s learning to read, she likes to practice reading it and looking at the pictures.

Which led the the natural question: “Mommy…where’s my baby book?”

Uh…that’s a good question, honey.

When Jeffrey was a baby, I took pictures of everything. I think that tends to be typical of first time parents – it seems the first child has every moment of their babyhood closely documented, whereas the second, third, etc., don’t get quite the same obsessive detailing of those months. But also, when Jeffrey was little, I did things with all the pictures I took, more than just storing them on my computer. Before Lexie came along, scrapbooking was one of my hobbies.

And then, shortly before she was born, I got interested in knitting. Which kinda took over my life.

I still took lots of picture of Lexie, I just didn’t do anything with them. So, now that Lexie wants a baby book of her own, I pulled up the folders on my computer to check for pictures I’d want to use.

I found this: Lexie’s very first handknit sweater.

16 Nov 07 016 watermark

I had no idea I had a picture of that sweater. Heck, I’d completely forgotten knitting it, until I came across this. If it wasn’t the first thing I ever knit, it was one of the very first. I’d knit it from some very soft (and sparkly – there was a shiny thread that ran through it) acrylic yarn that I’d bought at my local Hobby Lobby. At the time, I wasn’t yet a member of Ravelry (Lexie was born in November 2007; I joined Ravelry on March 31, 2008) and hadn’t yet learned of those mystical places called “yarn stores.” I couldn’t remember anything about the pattern, but I did remember that I added the additional color on my own – the pattern had called for just one color but I wanted to liven it up. I guess in retrospect I was destined to design someday, if I couldn’t even knit my first projects without modifying the pattern.

I wanted to put up a project page on Ravelry for this, as I had for Jeffrey’s first sweater, but wasn’t sure where to start. The picture certainly didn’t give me many clues. But I did remember that one of my first sources of patterns was Bev’s Country Cottage. So I went back, clicked through to the baby sweaters, and the first one that caught my eye was called the 5 Rectangle Baby Sweater – I knew I’d knit that. Sure enough, when I looked, it looked just like what I could see of Lexie’s sweater, completely with the ribbon tie at the neck. It had looked like the perfect pattern for one of my first sweaters: it’s literally 5 rectangles – 1 back, 2 fronts, 2 sleeves – that you knit and seam. A few clicks in the Ravelry pattern search, and I found the pattern in the database and was able to create a project page (even though the yarn is still a mystery…)

And now, I should probably create that baby book. Derailed by knitting again…

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