My color journey

I have a secret. My design aesthetic tends towards quick knits, with simple details that add a lot of punch and sometimes look more difficult and involved than they actually are, like the change of direction in Mossy Bells or the colorwork in Freckles & Ruffles.

Mossy Bells (1) watermark smallFreckles and Ruffles final pics (2) watermark small

That’s not the secret, obviously. The secret is that I have a deep longing to design an intricate stranded colorwork sweater for Lexie, with colorwork adorning the circular yoke, and maybe the hem and sleeves. Something like this or this.

One thing that has been holding me back is picking out colors. Now, I love color – the more the better (and that’s just my design stash). And I do have a colorwork design planed that uses variegated yarns. But that’s not what I wanted here. I wanted traditional style, with updated colors and nontraditional patterns. Feminine and modern, like my girl.

So I was pretty excited when Katie of Yarn Love started talking about doing a free color class on her blog. Week one of her Color Journey has been posted, and I’m diving right in.

Step one is to choose a goal. You don’t have to be designing a colorwork sweater – you can be choosing colors to knit someone else’s pattern. Doing a color study. Picking out color accessories for your living room. Katie will be taking us through her process to choose colors for a cowl via Ravelry, a Pinterest board, and her blog, where she’ll be providing feedback for those who want to learn along with her.

So, my goal is that colorwork sweater. I pulled up Google images and started searching – all I entered was the name of a color I wanted to look for, and then I went through the images that came back, sometimes refining my search (for example, I narrowed down to “lime green” and “butter yellow”). But I didn’t want to get too specific to start; I wanted to see all the options and figure out what inspired me. My current Pinterest board shows you what colors spoke to me.

I took it a step further than that; I like playing with colors and use (a free program) to literally pull them out of images. This was the result of my first attempt:

First color combo

I’m looking forward to seeing what Katie has to say about it, and what we do next. If you’d like to follow along, I’ll continue blogging about it, but will also be working on the Pinterest board linked above, and on my Ravelry project page. Let me know if you’re taking the journey with us; I’d love to follow yours too!

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