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A very etsy Christmas

Every year, my family exchanges Christmas wish lists. Every year, I’ve struggled to put together a good one. But for 2010, I was ready. I started jotting down ideas months in advance, so I’d have a list that would make both me and the gift givers (who have been known to complain about the lack […]

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Button, button, who’s got the button

That would be me. I love buttons. Now, one might think that with 3 lbs. of wooden buttons, I’d be unlikely to ever need to buy another button. But not everything calls for a wooden button, right? Some projects need glass. Some projects need metal. And some projects need beautiful, beautiful clay. Cherry Blossoms Some […]

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3 lbs of wooden buttons

Oh yes I did. I love handmade buttons. Yes, it can be a higher investment, but not much more than high-quality mass-produced buttons…and I figure that if I’ve spent money on artisan yarn and my time to lovingly handcraft clothing for family or friends, it’s worth the slightly higher expense. For this, etsy has been […]

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