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DC Metro Yarn Crawl – the aftermath (Part I)

As I was driving about 20 mph under the speed limit on I-495, because between the torrential downpour and blinding flashes of lightning my visibility was rather poor, the DJ came on the local radio station with breaking news: a tornado warning had been issued for the area I was driving around in. And I […]

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Because I don’t have enough hobbies

The DC Metro Yarn Crawl started this Saturday. I’ve been looking forward to it, both because I’ve never done a yarn crawl before (other than unofficial ones), and because of the 10 stores that are participating, I’ve only been to 3 of them before: fibre space in Alexandria, VA; Looped Yarn Works in DC; and […]

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The rest of the weekend

I posted about the wonderful Three Irish Girls trunk show, but that was just part of a great weekend. There was a lot of chatter in the Three Irish Girls group on Ravelry about the trunk show, with several people posting about their plans to come from a distance. One of the long-distance travelers was […]

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Shawl Design with Kirsten Kapur

When the email came out from Fibre Space a few months ago with the list of upcoming classes, “Shawl Design with Kirsten Kapur” was the first one my eye lit on. I love shawls. You wouldn’t know it, looking at my project page–sadly devoid of any shawls, although I have knit a shawlette–Mary-Heather Cogar’s Simple […]

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6 hours of sock knitting…

…and this is what I have to show for it: Three rounds. The night got off to a slow start, admittedly. These socks are for my husband Steve. Once upon a time, that husband had grudgingly said I could knit him socks if I really wanted to…but they had to be black, brown, or gray. […]

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