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Carrying on a family tradition

I recently became a 3rd-generation hooker. At least, I think I’m 3rd-generation. When I think of my mother’s mother and her creativity, I usually remember her cakes–she could decorate cakes better than anything I’ve ever seen in a store–and her ceramics. But I do remember yarn often being around the house; I’m just not sure […]

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Happiness is…

…a warm neck and head. First, the kids got hats. Next, they got mittens. Much needed in both cases, of course, and I was thrilled to be able to do it. But once I had them done and was about to move on to my much needed hat, my husband asked for one just like […]

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Mittens, mittens, mittens…

…Get them mittens knittin’, ‘Fore that snow starts spittin’, And hats! Sorry. I have no idea why the iPod in my head defaults to the theme song from Rawhide when I’m tired. I’ve never even actually heard the whole thing. At any rate, I’ve been hat and mitten knitting recently. As I mentioned last week, […]

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Free Pattern: It’s Cold Outside

Update 12/17/10 – My husband asked for one of these for himself, but that meant I needed to add another size. The pattern now comes in an adult large. I was beginning to wonder when winter was really going to start–our fall lasted longer than I expected, and every time it started getting cold, we’d […]

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