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Remembering your first

Jeffrey has a baby book that I got him and put together when he was about 8 months old – it’s part “first book to read” and part “me as a baby,” with slots where I can put pictures in of him: with a favorite toy, in his stroller, having his first bath, etc. He’s […]

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A response to Patrick Sandusky, USOC Spokesman

Update: The USOC has updated their statement with the following: As a follow-up to our previous statement on this subject, we would again like to apologize to the members of the Ravelry community. While we stand by our obligation to protect the marks and terms associated with the Olympic and Paralympic Movements in the United […]

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How many Olympic athletes have you insulted?

Today, I learned that I have insulted the entire US Olympic team. In fact, not only have I done this once, I have done it twice – first in 2008 and again in 2010. I feel it is only right that I publicly admit to my shameful actions and share them here with you. The pictures […]

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Looking for an afghan, finding a memory – a Ravelry story

Yesterday, someone posted in the Help group on Ravelry looking for a pattern. She had a picture of an afghan that she loved the look of, but no idea where the pattern might be found. She really didn’t even know where to start. I’ve been a Help group mod for a while, so I knew […]

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