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The Great Mini-Skein Split of 2011-2012

14 colorways. 2 skeins per colorway. 10 participants. 3 different mini-skein size put-ups. Whew. Three Irish Girls was retiring 14 of their colorways, and as it turned out, they were all colorways I hadn’t tried. I was wondering how I could possibly get my hands on all of them without breaking the bank, and then […]

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Caught up in the craze sweeping the knitting nation

I’m a late adopter…which sounds better than painfully unhip, accurate as the latter might be. It’s not that I’m not a bandwagon jumper; it’s more that I like to give the wagon a generous head start. And this is as true in knitting as anything else. February Lady Sweater? The pattern had been out for […]

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