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Freckles & Ruffles

I loved my freckles when I was a kid. They’re still there on my arms, but when I was younger, I had a swath of them across my nose and cheeks. You had to look closely to see them in the winter, but they popped right out under the summer sun. I miss them now […]

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When you love hand-dyed yarn…

Check out Sharon’s post on the DC Trunk Show! I love hand-dyed yarn. Love, love, love, love, love. I love variegated yarn, semi-solid yarn, yarn with analogous colors, yarn with complimentary colors, yarn with colors you’d never think of putting together but some how work beautifully. And this is why I love Three Irish Girls […]

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The Birth of a Design, Part II: What to Stitch, What to Stitch

Read Part I here. Having settled on a yarn base (Three Irish Girls Lindon Merino) and a clothing style (a sweater suitable for boys), I decided to try to work up a couple swatches. Here is where my Barbara Walker treasuries were absolutely invaluable. I pulled all 4 off the shelf and began flipping through […]

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